Friday, April 16, 2021
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With the pandemic he no longer knows how to live. It’s a pain, I suffer with her

Moment of emotion for Fiorello, during the press conference of Sanremo Festival 2021 held on Wednesday 3rd March. But let’s go in order. Amadeus wanted to thank him because his presence in a complicated evening like yesterday was fundamental. Then the showman replied to the reporters’ questions, being moved as he talked about the daughter Angelica had by his wife Susanna Biondo.

Fiorello comments on Irama’s retirement

Fiorello, to begin with, ironized: “The one who works is me. I must run. We had two months to prepare the first episode and two hours for the second“The showman commented on Amadeus’ proposal to have Irama compete anyway, despite being forced to quarantine after two of his collaborators tested positive for Covid:

“The change of the regulation is a right thing. The world has changed, the school has changed, now we do distance learning, everything changes. The whole world changes but Sanremo cannot change? It is a wonderful idea to involve Irama anyway. . There is no difference between the rehearsal in the hall and the live performance, however there is no audience. I hope that the other 25 artists accept this “.

The emotion for his daughter Angelica

Just before Amadeus left the press conference, he was asked: “As a father how are you experiencing this moment of pandemic and with closed schools?“Fiorello was very impressed by the question and admitted: “Male. I also get a lump in my throat when I think about it. I have a teenage daughter and it hurts me because it is the most important and beautiful age of our life. Things are being lost that won’t come back. The best moment in life was recreation, the film at the cinema in the afternoon, waiting for the beautiful one in the third C. It hurts me because they are getting used to it “. Then, moved, he concluded:

“Through my daughter I see all those boys of that age who are forced in front of the screen, in front of the computer. And it hurts me even more because they are getting used to it and this is a terrible thing. My daughter is no longer used to leaving the house. They feel lost. Those few times when there was the yellow zone, I said to my daughter: ‘Please, when crossing the road you have to look left and right’. They are no longer used to living life. This is a pain for me and for all parents. I am suffering with them. I can’t see a 14-year-old girl locked in the house from morning to night. “

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