Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Business Witsanu cleared the concession clause, "Green Line", all units green light "Communications"...

Witsanu cleared the concession clause, “Green Line”, all units green light “Communications” did not quit.

“Vishnu” made an appointment to all units to clear the Green Line concession clause, but did not end, all parties opened green lights, except “Transport” still clashed for more information, postponed to the cabinet – collect new tickets, release BTS sue for wages collection. 30 billion

Reporters reported that on March 30, 2021 at the Government House, Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister. Invited representatives from the Ministry of Finance Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Transport, Bangkok, Bangkok Thanakom and Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTSC)

Come to discuss the Green Line train concession waiting to be considered by the Cabinet (Cabinet) after Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha said after the Cabinet meeting that it was “pending”.

Big BTS did not give an interview.

At 5:00 p.m., Mr. Suraphong Laohha Anya, President of BTSC, walked down from Command Building 1, but did not give any interviews with the media.

The green line is still not discussed.

Later, at 5:30 PM, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam revealed “Prachachat Business” that the discussion still failed to clear the pending issue, so BMA and the Ministry of Transport were to clear each other.

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“Will propose to the meeting When the cabinet can consider it for approval, I still do not know, but at least I know what each agency is suspicious of, and will continue to offer Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha.

Release BTSC suing the debt collection 30 billion

Mr. Wissanu said that Meanwhile, the debt collection for operating wages and the purchase of the operating system for the MRT Green Line Extension Project totaled 30,000 million baht of BTSC and Bangkok Thanakom Co., Ltd. Asked in the meeting that In the event that if nothing happens, BTSC will sue anyone, BTSC replied that they will sue Bangkok Thanakom. It is said for this point.

Swept the Prime Minister’s news, NCCC made more comments

As for the news that the Prime Minister The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) shall provide additional opinions on the case of the MRT Green Line concession. It’s not true The Prime Minister never asked for an opinion on NCCC on this issue

“Transport” blocked because Bangkok did not clear.

Mr. Soraphong Paitoonpong, Deputy Permanent Secretary for Transport, told “Prachachat Business” briefly that it represented the Ministry of Transport to discuss with Mr. Wisanu Krea-ngam, Deputy Prime Minister. On the issue of the actual green line concession

By the way, Bangkok is still unable to provide an answer to 8-9 issues that the ministry has suspected, which Bangkok has now responded to only one issue. Only the draft contract documents have been sent. As for other issues, there was no reply. And would like to not disclose that What are the pending issues?

Bangkok counterattacks the information that they want, must ask for BTSC

A source from Bangkok revealed “Prachachat Business” that the Green Line train concession was still stuck at the Ministry of Transport alone, claiming that BMA did not send information to. The information requested by the ministry is the information of BTSC.

For information requested by the Ministry of Transport There are passenger estimates and project revenue projections. At the meeting, BTSC is happy to provide information. Just ask the Ministry of Transport to make a notice to come in But the Ministry of Transport refused to ask through Bangkok alone

“The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration promised to make a request for information from BTSC, but will BTSC provide information or not? It must be subject to BTSC’s consideration “

Lean has the power to manage the electric train outside Bangkok.

The next issue that the Ministry of Transport inquires is whether Bangkok has the power to operate a green line concession outside of Bangkok or not. Bangkok insists that it has administrative authority outside Bangkok.

“If not, how will the Cabinet make a transfer to BMA to be responsible for the extension? Which we see as a matter that the Ministry of Transport is violently Because this matter was considered in accordance with the resolution The cabinet has been around for a long time. “

BTSC announces that the green line has not stopped running.

As for the bus debt owed to BTSC, more than 30,000 million baht will be due on April 1, a source from Bangkok. Answered that BTSC reported at the meeting that Will cause the least impact on the public As for the news stream, when the bus stops, BTSC replied that it was a last resort in case there was really no choice.

Receive no plans to make money to pay

As for Bangkok, there is currently no backup plan to bring any money to pay the debt, so let BTSC sue, but will collect the fare for the extension of Mo Chit – Khu Khot and Bearing – Samut Prakan Housing or No, in order to bring income to earning first, we have to talk to each other because the issue of the highest fare is still inconclusive. The Ministry of Transport insists on objection to the maximum fare of 65 baht.

As for the Ministry of Transport, the maximum fare is 50 baht, it is calculated from the estimate of passengers on the Green Line train, there will be 1 million people traveling per day. This is in the old master plan because actually the maximum number of passengers on the green line is 700,000 people travel / day only.

“Mr Wissanu has not said when he will be able to propose to the cabinet, but said that the Ministry of Transport urged the Ministry of Transport to make a request for information from BTSC and BMA requested that information be sent as soon as possible. In order to have no lawsuit against BTSC, “the source said.

Hey! Extension of Khu Khot – Pak Nam still not collecting money

The source went on to say that Fares collection section, extension of Mo Chit – Khu Khot and Bearing – Samut Prakan Housing. There is no idea to collect fares at this time. Personally, the bus debt of 30,000 million baht in the year 2022 budget was not prepared. There is only an interest payment to the Ministry of Finance 1,000 million baht per year. Which is the interest from the difference from the main fare line and the extension

All units agree with all except “communication”.

“Today, all units have confirmed that There is no problem except the Ministry of Transport, just one unit. Even the pending cases with the NACC, the NACC itself confirmed in the meeting that Not related The wrong people go to each other. It’s not about the part that is pushing each other. Therefore does not affect this part, “the source concluded.

Read the original news: Wissanu cleared the concession clause “Green Line”, all units green light “Communications” opposed not quit.



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