Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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World QF-2022: Armband that Ronaldo threw down at auction to help sick baby

The armband that Cristiano Ronaldo threw to the ground after the referee invalidated a Portugal goal against Serbia, qualifying for the FIFA World Cup 2022, is being auctioned off to help a sick child.

After grabbing the armband at the Rajko Mitic stadium in Belgrade, an official, who asked to remain anonymous, decided to contact a sports channel to put it up for sale in order to raise money to help Gavrilo Djurdjevic, a six-month-old baby who suffers. of spinal muscular atrophy and that needs treatments with costs in the order of two million euros.

“Ronaldo threw the armband three meters away from me and, when I saw that nobody was taking it, I had the idea to put it up for sale, as it might be a good idea to help the little one,” said the official, speaking to the news agency AFP.

After verifying the authenticity of the armband, the Sport Klub channel contacted the auction site Limundo.com, which put it up for auction.

“I hope we can reach Ronaldo himself (…) to help Gavrilo as much as possible,” said the official.

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On Saturday, already in time for the game’s discounts, with the game tied for two, after Portugal had been winning 2-0, Cristiano Ronaldo sent the ball into the deserted goal, after winning the bid to the opposing goalkeeper, but the Serbian player Mitrovic took the ball apparently already beyond the line, only that the goal was not validated.

Following the move, Cristiano Ronaldo protested and threw the captain’s armband to the ground.



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