Monday, April 19, 2021
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Worry 2 large cases “Samut Prakan” – “Bang Khen Detention Center” spread infection!

Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, MD. Assistant spokesman.

In the case of two cases of “Samut Prakan” and “Bang Khen Detention Center”, the case of infection has been spread continuously Whole family Personnel at work Add to the youngest children only 1 year and 7 months old. Reminder must learn behavior to reduce the risk.

On March 31, 2021, the reporter reported. Dr. Apisamai Srirangsan, Assistant Spokesperson of the Coronavirus Disease Situation Center 2019 (FABC), said a part after announcing the situation of the daily person’s figure that at a small-scale FEC meeting today Have discussed the case of Samut Prakan Province That we have followed and reported earlier There will be a phenomenon in which one person is an infected person and does not take precautions. And lead to spread the infection to those around

For Index case or example case Who was the first reported infection In this cluster it was a 28-year-old woman and it was detected. Infected since March 22, then the area and the Department of Disease Control conducted an investigation.

Faculty of Medicine, Yokkes, Samut Prakan Continued infection

Initially this case Five people were found at high risk, then 1 in 5 became infected. The second infected person was 25 years old as well. Then the second woman It comes into contact with people around the family and people who have become infected continues. It can be considered that there are 6 other high-risk people.

Until the latest today (March 31), the first case of infection with an index case was infected with her husband. A positive result has been confirmed. Including colleagues

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The second 25-year-old female colleague had an infection and made her sister. Including a son who is only 1 year and 7 months old and a babysitter is infected with the family.

Female doctor Apisamai said This phenomenon We start to see it continually, because sometimes we go in the community. We may be careful. But there are moments that may be a bit uncomfortable Remove the mask while eating. Having touched the vulnerable area No proper hand washing No spacing Like this

“When an infection occurs The Department of Disease Control used to emphasize that in just 2 days you can spread the infection in people near you. And also people in the family “ Female doctor Apisamai said

About Bangkhen Detention Center Personnel who work with the infection

The same is true for people in the immigration office of Bangkok. (Bangkhen alien detention center), which today the small series of FBC has been talking to each other. Previously reported police hospital. Bang Khen detention center where a group of people to be infected with each other was found. And there is an inspection to the personnel working Initially Found that there is a police officer Has confirmed 3 persons who have been infected

Including personnel working in this detention center Was found to have been infected as well These personnel were found to be the kitchen department. Who have to cook food to take care of these detainees Food is served Serve food to the detainee There were also those who clean these maids, cooks, etc., which were found to have been infected in the detention center. Causing an infection to the personnel working with

“Both and all The way, the director of the small group of BEC today Has reiterated that Timeline disclosure Whether in government offices, markets or communities We do not want to blame these events. But would like to bring up an example case These case studies are for the public to review. And understanding Leading to the formulation of precautionary measures Of your community, yourself and your family “ Dr. Apisamai, MD.

Emphasize the need to learn – reduce risk behavior

In this regard, the CRC would like to thank the people who reported the infection. Those exposed to the high risk, low risk, in the past were found to have disclosed a timeline. Received cooperation in providing information With staff Of the Department of Disease Control thoroughly Benefit The area itself can narrow down the epidemic so that it can be controlled. And is in the standard that our home health system can still support

Sometimes we have to raise these cases to learn. And give rise to the understanding of behavior When people go together in the community Establishments that work on why some people behave and then lead to infection. While some people may not develop an infection

“As I have learned to emphasize everyone that The first priority is to be in close contact with an infected person and wear a mask at all times. Will find that we wear a mask And the infected themselves also wear masks as well. 2 people wear masks correctly. Can reduce infection rates by up to 90%. These measures Even though we have been doing it for a long time But still have to do it continuously “ Female doctor Apisamai reiterated.



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