Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News You cannot mislead the public with your lies and false information!

You cannot mislead the public with your lies and false information!

Canada-based Alamos Gold, which destroyed 350,000 trees in Mount Ida, continues to be the focus of reactions. The company, a subsidiary of Turkey general manager of the East Biga mining companies Ahmet Senturk, of an interview he gave recently for over 1 year, despite the organized action ‘gold they are determined to remove’ he said.

“They waited for 400 days, even one day, we did not say to the authorities there to remove them from here. We are patient men, our mines have waited 30 million years, we have been waiting for 30 years, we will wait 3-5 more months, it is not a problem, ”Şentürk said,“ We ​​have the right to operate there for 60 years. We got all the permissions, only 1 permission left, which should be obtained by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources. Ministry for these events, said the project was experienced enough for this social phenomenon can not tell, but the Republic of Turkey will deliver our right. “He uses the phrase

The Association for the Protection of Kazdağları Natural and Cultural Heritage made a harsh statement upon Şentürk’s statements.

The full explanation is as follows:

“You cannot mislead the public with your lies and false information!

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Your License Law Has Ended!

The local subsidiary of Alamos Gold Mining Inc. official Ahmet Şentürk Big East lie with DWR unfortunate statement to Turkey and continues to deceive the public with false information.

The company has once again demonstrated its profiteering and naturalistic mentality.

The licensing law that Alamos Gold acquired in 2009 and started on October 13, 2009 expired on October 13, 2019. “We’ve been waiting to mine this mine for thirty years.” his statement is not true. According to Article 24 of the Mining Law, the license law has expired since the request of the company was not extended or extended within one month from the expiry date of the license and a new license was not issued. Mining operation activities cannot be carried out in license areas, whose license expired. The allegations of the company claiming that the extension process is still continuing have no legal basis. “We have 60 years of license law.” claim is also a huge lie. Licenses can be issued for a maximum of 6 times for 10 years and it is entirely up to the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources whether to use this period or not to extend it or not. The fact that the company sees the authority of the Ministry as its own right shows the point it has reached in its recklessness.

As the license of the company was not extended and the license law expired, the forest permits of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry were canceled. The area is now under the responsibility of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. The company, which has evacuated the construction machinery, has been given a deadline until 13 October 2021 to unload its containers. The containers should be removed immediately without waiting for 13 October 2021 and the company should leave Kirazlı completely. The area should be rehabilitated immediately.

The company’s representative belittling the struggle that has been going on in the region for years, the Water and Conscience Watch, the resistance in Çadırlı, the march of tens of thousands, and Fazıl Say’s concert must be an indication of our fears …

Mount Ida cannot be sacrificed for mining projects that will last 8-10 years at most. The agricultural and tourism income of the region and the employment it provides is many times more than the income and employment that mining can provide.

Our struggle for so many years against the Kirazlı Gold Mine Project and all other mining projects covering 79% of the Kazdağları will continue with all our determination.

The Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources should urgently announce to the public that the license has been canceled and the company has no license law, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry should urgently rehabilitate Kirazlı with a scientific and ecological approach and ensuring that non-governmental organizations are also part of the process.

We condemn the company’s reckless and unseemly attitude, and call on us to stop misleading the public with lies and false information.

Kazdağları is for all of us!




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