Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Zvezda smashed IMT: Magija Kataija, red and whites in the semifinals of the Serbian Cup (VIDEO)

The Red Star players advanced to the semifinals of the Serbian Cup, as they defeated IMT 3: 0 (3: 0) today in the remaining game of the quarterfinals.

The scorers for the red and whites were Diego Falcinelli in the 4th minute, Aleksandar Katai in the 11th minute and Filippo Falcoli in the 21st minute.

Already in the 4th minute, Zvezda took the lead. The attack went on the left side, Ivanić briefly left the ball to Rodić who centered, and Falćineli overcame Katić with his head.

The red and whites doubled the advantage in the 11th minute, Katai took a free kick and masterfully defeated Katic.

Ten minutes later, Ivanić lost brilliantly to Falk, who scored the first goal in a red and white jersey.

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Lucic had a great opportunity between Zvezda’s two goals, after a big mistake by Rodic and Degenek. Lucic stole the ball and shot, but it hit the outside of the net.

In the continuation, the tempo dropped a bit, and Falcinelli had the first chance in the 63rd minute. The Italian entered the penalty area from the left side and shot, but sent the ball next to the goalpost. IMT had a chance in the 78th minute, when Popović threw the ball into the corner with the utmost effort after Ilić’s shot, or in the 83rd minute when Glišić was almost inaccurate from a free kick.

It is necessary to single out two more situations in front of the naked guests. Pavkov tried from twenty meters, but Katic was well placed, so that in the very finish, one IMT football player practically threw the ball off the goal line.

Earlier, the defender of the trophy Vojvodina, Partizan and Radnik, placed in the semifinals.



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