Thursday, April 15, 2021
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10 thoughts that will guide brands

dentsu x collects 10 reflections from its main international executives who will guide brands in the coming months.

Starting from scratch, getting to know consumers better and taking initiative are some of the keys that will help brands to transform, adapt and overcome current challenges. This is collected by Ahead, an annual thought guide launched by dentsu X in which the agency includes the reflections of the Dentsu Institute, an international collective of the group’s intellectuals.

Next, we review the 10 insights from dentsu’s top international executives and the vision in Spain for 2021.

  1. From scratch
    On this first thought, Elisa Brustoloni, Managing Director of dentsu X, explains: “Having a zero-based approach helps companies to be able to stay agile in the face of trends and find new opportunities.” Collective intelligence, he assures, is on the rise and companies must bet on it. “All members of a brand’s value circle (suppliers, consumers, companies and competitors) must maintain a fluid conversation to improve the proposals,” he adds.
  2. Ethics to exploit new technologies
    The next thought focuses on “The Ethics of Technology.” «Technology has become the new King Midas of our time, the focus of discussion and decision-making in companies. But you have to bear in mind the ethical principles. It is essential to establish a strong ethical position in the adoption and exploitation of new technologies and to evaluate the worst possible scenarios in their implementation and their consequences. And the line must be as far away as possible from the conflict zone, even if this means resignations “, says Óscar Herráiz, Managing Director of dentsu X.
  3. Get to know consumers better
    “A solution for every need” is the third reflection presented in this guide. «Today more than ever, brands belong to people. Success does not lie in trying to go ahead or be more original than the consumer, but in knowing them better than anyone “, says Sonia Murría, Client Lead of dentsu X.” The brands that emerge stronger from this situation are those that know how to listen and they participate in the conversations that users were already promoting, finding the point of union between brand and consumer, with the aim of creating a community and providing solutions to each of their needs with a personalized offer ”, adds the professional.
  4. Digital triathletes
    For Gonzalo Ramírez, Head of Digital at the agency, “success in digitization requires, like triathlon, three capacities: the” strategist “who knows how to adapt to trends, the” innovator “who guides the organization towards a vision of future, and the ‘driver’ that organizes people so that the vision is executed throughout the organization ”.
  5. New priorities
    According to Farah González, Consumer Insights & Strategy Manager, with the pandemic the consumer has rethought their way of life and considers new alternatives, such as moving out of cities and working remotely, reducing their working hours or consuming last-mile products. “It remains to be seen whether these changes will be temporary or permanent,” he says.
  6. From diverse to inclusive
    It is time to move beyond the simple admission of diversity. “Inclusion turns diversity into practice and action. Create an environment of participation, respect and connection. For businesses, it represents a great differential value, an opportunity to grow, renew knowledge and build a global community, intelligence and empathy ”, explains Elisa Brustoloni.
  7. Businesses that improve the social
    With a focus on society, Imma Pedrós, Account Director at dentsu X Barcelona, ​​recalls that for years it has been considered that the economic objectives of a company and the social objectives are different and compete with each other. «This perspective has become obsolete in the world and in the society in which we live. Now marketing must also have a purpose in order to have a relevant speech. It must clearly define the social and environmental challenges of the company to connect with its audiences in a plane that transcends the mere decision to purchase, ”says Pedrós.
  8. Relieve anxiety
    People, recalls Farah González, are looking for allies in any sector that can help them conceive and build the future. “After so many months of resistance, the consumer needs brands to help them face what is coming, hand in hand and side by side, but always leaving room to set the pace of the march”, he asserts.
  9. Natural collaborators
    Generosity and the need to contribute skyrocketed in the wake of the pandemic. From dentsu x they explain that the term “natural collaborator” refers to the person who does not hesitate to put their skills at the service of others and feels fulfilled when they do so. “Young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are the most committed age group for the benefit of their community and society. As they enter the labor market and exercise power, these behaviors may change the way companies are run, ”says Raquel Boto, Chief Growth Officer.
  10. Take the initiative
    Finally, brands should consider speed as an essential element in the transformation towards a renewed society. «The impulse for improvement in each and every one of the areas will come from the power of the individual, from the contribution of each and every one of us, from personal initiative, not only in great challenges or projects, but also in the multitude of small daily initiatives and gestures ”, indicates Óscar Herráiz about this thought.

To these 10 reflections it is added that, to change the world, you must change your ideas. “What really changes our path is to a large extent how we perceive the transformations taking place around us. What is the opportunity for each threat? COVID-19 is an extraordinary example of how some individuals and companies have managed to radically transform themselves and their businesses. At dentsu X we understand that success is not about predicting the unpredictable, but about being prepared to surf on the crest of the wave, “says Sanjay Nazerali, Global Managing Director of dentsu X.

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