Saturday, April 10, 2021
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20 Residents Still Covered by Landslides in Lembata, The Search Continues Tomorrow Morning – The joint SAR team will continue the process of evacuating victims of flash floods and landslides due to tropical cyclone storms in Lembata Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), on Friday (9/4/2021). Based on the data, there are still 20 residents who are suspected of being buried by landslide material in the area.

Head of the Basarnas Maumere Resources Section, Karel, said the evacuation process would continue at 08.00 WITA tomorrow. The joint SAR team that was deployed included Basarnas Maumere, Basarnas Special Group (BSG), and Basarnas Makassar.

In addition, it also involved elements of the TNI-Polri, PMI, SAR Dog, and volunteers. In its implementation, the evacuation process also uses two heavy equipment, considering that most of the victims are buried under large rock material from the eruption of Mount Ile Ape.

Furthermore, the team will be focused on evacuating two villages, namely Wa Savan Village, East Ile Ape District and Amakkaa Village, Ile Ape District. In the village of Waemat, there are still 11 victims who are missing or have not been found.

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“The points have been determined, there is one point (allegedly) four people and another seven people,” said Karel at the SAR Post, Ile Ape District, Lembata Regency, NTT, Thursday (8/4).

Meanwhile, Karel said that as many as six victims were successfully evacuated today, dead. The details, three of the victims were male and three female.

Based on monitoring at the location, most of the victims were buried while sleeping in the house. Given, flash floods and landslides occurred on Sunday (4/4) in the morning.

“For Wa Savan Village, the data we get shows that the victims who have been found (in a state of total death) are currently 15 people,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Amakaka Village, there are still nine people who were reported missing. The evacuation process at that location today has yet to produce results.

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“There are still nine people who have not been found in Amakaka Village. So this is the focus of our search,” he concluded.



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