Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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2535 4th generation self nail for women, realized with volume gel nail sticker that does not bake

The self-nail care market has continued to boom, influenced by the consumption trend that values ​​individuality and cost-effectiveness while not spared investments for themselves. Moreover, as the Corona 19 incident has prolonged in recent years, there has been a reluctance to visit nail shops that require face-to-face contact and prefer home care using self nail products.

This self-nail market continued to develop, reflecting the needs of consumers. In the first-generation nail market, plastic nails that embody the glossiness of gel nails were dominated. Representative brand’Desing Diva’ attracted attention with its trendy design and simplicity, and became the main character of the topic with ‘1 second cosmetic nail’. However, the fact that it is thick and the feeling of use is frustrating has been cited as a drawback.

In the second-generation market, representative brands such as Okora appeared, and the gel was cured to enhance the gloss and volume. Considering the points on the adhesion and feeling of use of the first-generation product, real gel is baked to add high adhesion and high elasticity technology, and durability and feeling of use are enhanced. However, since Okora is a product that hardens the gel in half, the issue of time and space limitations as well as damage occurred during the process of consumers attaching and baking the product.

In the 3rd generation market, a gel (resin) material that can increase adhesion was grafted onto the nail sticker to create a semi-cured gel nail sticker. The advantage of semi-cured gel nail sticker is that it reflects the thickness by applying base gel, color gel, and top gel to make use of three-dimensional and glossiness.

In recent years, 4th generation nail products reflecting more advanced technology and trends are appearing one after another, and another perception change is expected in the self-nail market. The 4th generation nail products differentiated in design and texture compared to the 3rd generation products, and reflected individual styles.

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Sephora’s exclusive nail brand, Mr Bauer’s gel nail, which is considered as a representative fourth-generation product, is a fully cured gel nail that can be used without baking. It is a product that differentiates itself in that it overcomes the limitation that a completely cured product is usually hard and has a soft texture. Designed to be thin at the edge and swelling in the middle, it is evaluated that the volume fit gel nail reduces hair jamming and increases the lasting power.

In addition, the design feature is that it applied a sensational style without being attracted to the wide range of 2535 female tastes. The point is that the types of nail designs have also been diversified to reflect fashion and seasonal trends in order to maintain a fashionable design identity.

An industry insider said, “Consumers in the self-nail market prefer products that reproduce the quality of trendy nail shop gel nail art, regardless of time and place, but have excellent adhesion and feel.” And is evolving to meet changing consumer needs. As the fourth generation through the 1-3 generations has arrived, we can expect another change depending on which brands deliver the value of the products consumers want in the current market.”

Reporter Kim Jung-hwan [email protected]

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