Monday, April 19, 2021
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Home World 5G. Anacom wants to change regulation to avoid prolonging the auction

5G. Anacom wants to change regulation to avoid prolonging the auction

The National Communications Authority (Anacom) considers “possible to prevent” a possible “excessive extension” of the 5G auction to be “relevant” and therefore says that it is “initiating an amendment procedure” of the regulation that “allows the introduction of procedural streamlining mechanisms”.

Anacom intends that this amendment to the regulation “allows the introduction of procedural speeding mechanisms, including an increase in the daily number of rounds and, if necessary, greater increases in the bid amounts”. However, until this procedure is concluded, “which involves consultation with interested parties, the auction naturally continues to run according to the rules in force, which already allow bidders, if they want to, to speed up the auction”.

The 5G auction – which has been running since November last year – marked this Thursday the 60th day of the main bidding, having totaled 348 rounds up to that time.

That is why the regulator now intends to “make a greater daily number of rounds feasible, reducing the duration of the rounds for this purpose (from 60 to 15 minutes) and / or extending the daily bidding period”. The amendments also provide for the possibility, if necessary, to inhibit the use of the minimum increments that bidders can choose in a given round (1% and 3%).

Interested parties now have until April 15, to send their contributions and suggestions “that they feel should be considered in the preparation of the draft amendment to the regulation, which will subsequently be submitted to public consultation”.

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Anacom also stresses that “the possible delay in the conclusion of the auction could lead to an inevitable delay in the development and entry into operation of the networks, to the detriment of citizens and companies, making it impossible for them to obtain all the economic and social benefits resulting from the digital transition. driven by 5G ”.

Each day, a maximum of six rounds has been carried out and “a successive and repeated recourse to bidding with the lowest price increments” has been verified, which ends up making “the progress of the auction particularly slow, with serious risks, if the bidding pattern observed so far is maintained, that it lasts for a period that is much longer than what was initially expected ”.



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