Sunday, April 11, 2021
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A brief history of the series and fresh gameplay footage in the new trailer for No More Heroes 3

Marvelous and Grasshopper Manufacture have unveiled a new trailer and a Japan-exclusive retail version of No More Heroes 3 as part of yesterday’s No More Broadcasting 5.1 GHm.

The aforementioned video is called Series Digest and, as you might guess, is dedicated to the entire No More Heroes series in its entirety, including not only the numbered parts, but also the controversially accepted offshoot of Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes.

Despite being presented during a Japanese show, Series Digest speaks English. The trailer is designed in the form of a YouTube show of Sylvia – one of the main characters – who gives viewers a short excursion into the history of the franchise.

In an excerpt dedicated specifically to No More Heroes 3, the developers present new shots of the gameplay and talk about the allies of the protagonist – Travis Touchdown.

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According to the host, in order to enjoy No More Heroes 3, you do not need to play the previous parts, but familiarity with the prequels will help enrich the experience.

As for the retail edition, it’s called the Killion Dollar Trilogy and includes physical copies of No More Heroes and the No More Heroes 1 + 2 compilation for Nintendo Switch. The cost is 9800 yen (about $ 90).

No More Heroes 3 will go on sale on August 27 this year, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. In the new game, Travis will have to save the world from alien invaders, leading the ranking of galactic superheroes.

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