Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World A former NFL player in South Carolina shot five people and committed...

A former NFL player in South Carolina shot five people and committed suicide

At a news conference, officials said former San Francisco 49ers player Phillip Adams shot five people in Rock Hill on Wednesday.

He then returned to his parents ’home and committed suicide early Thursday, persecuted by police.

“We’re not getting anywhere right now,” York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said, adding that law enforcement had still not identified the shooter’s motives.

The victims were a 70-year-old doctor, his 69-year-old wife and their two grandchildren – five and nine years old, as well as a 38-year-old boiler repairman who died while working at his home.

Doctor Robert Lesslie was the “pillar” of his community, the sheriff said. According to local media, he had set up a health center nearby.

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“The loss we are suffering cannot be described at this time,” Lesslie said in a statement he read at a news conference.

The sixth person, another repairman who worked at his home, suffered severe gunshot wounds and was hospitalized, the sheriff said.

Upon arrival at the crime scene, police quickly determined that the suspect was Ph.Adams.

After evacuating Ph.Adams ’parents, who didn’t know what had happened, from their home, officials tried to contact the former National Football League (NFL) offender inside.

Officers entering the house found the body of Ph.Adams, Tolson said. The man had died from his wound.

Speaking to one local television, Ph.Adams ’father, Alonzo, said I thought his son had lost his mind while playing in the professional league.

Ph.D. Adams ’career in 2010-2015 was marred by trauma, including concussions.

In addition to the 49ers, he has also played for the New England Patriots, the New York Jets, the Auckland Raiders and the Atlanta Falcons.

U.S. President Joe Biden, who proposed new firearms controls on Thursday, said armed violence in the country had become an “epidemic” and an “international disgrace.”

During his speech, Biden mentioned the shootings at Rock Hill as one example.



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