Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News A healthy mouth is essential for healthy fasting

A healthy mouth is essential for healthy fasting

There are numbered days left for the month of Ramadan. Treatments and cares are considered important before Ramadan in order to protect dental health. Experts on the subject argued that a doctor should be consulted to remove dental caries before Ramadan, and warned against possible sudden pain.


Dentaluna Oral and Dental Health Center Chairman Dentist Arzu Yalnız, who made suggestions on the prevention of oral health problems that may occur during Ramadan, drew attention to the importance of getting gum and caries treatments before Ramadan. Pointing out that there may be problems while fasting if there are problems such as tooth decay, gingival bleeding, Alone said, “Those who do not want to encounter problems such as toothache, bad breath, gum bleeding during Ramadan should definitely have their pre-Ramadan treatments. If there is a gum problem, the gums may bleed forever, such a situation may cause problems with fasting. In any injection or dental treatment, if people think that fasting will be broken, they should definitely do dental treatments before Ramadan. At the same time, the problems in the mouth will make you feel more while fasting. Problems in the taste and odor of the mouth will make it difficult to fast. A healthy mouth and teeth fasting also makes it easier and more comfortable to keep. “


Saying that it is necessary to brush teeth and consume plenty of water after eating at sahur and iftar for oral and dental health in Ramadan, Solo said, ” Having bacteria in the mouth or having a gum problem will leave a bad mouth taste and odor. This bad breath can be perceptible from the outside during fasting or during fasting when no water is drunk. This can disturb both the person and the people around him. Oral breath can cause odor by drying the gums. In order to avoid such a situation, we recommend consuming plenty of fluids in sahur. Water consumed increases saliva fluidity. After eating at suhoor, your teeth should be brushed and then plenty of water should be consumed. Fasting is one of the duties that a healthy person should do. Oral and dental health is also included in this health, ” he said.

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