Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Home Technology A new search system for the App Store arrives

A new search system for the App Store arrives

The App Store is one of the main attractions of iOS. Whether for users or developers, this app store is recognized as the best and the most profitable, besides being very profitable for Apple.

Taking this into account, the company has decided to improve both the experience within it, as well as its functions and interface. Therefore, soon the App Store will have a new search tool.

The App Store will have a new search tool.

Filter your Apps search with tags

Apple has succeeded in including its new privacy labels that show the user what data does the app collect that you are about to download or those you already have installed. This has been so important that Apple does not allow app updates that do not comply with this. But now, the App Store becomes more complete with a new tool that is yet to come.

Some users have been able to experience a new function within the App Store that simplifies and helps improve app search. In the MacRumors forums there have been various posts and comments from many users who have been able to experiment with the iOS 14.5 Beta 7 discovering that Apple will implement a information filtering system in the App Store.

That is, now the search for applications in the App Store can be done by words that will yield results, which the user could filter by «tags» for example: Photos> the results are shown and the user can choose the «tags» as if the categories were «Wallpapers» or «Editor». This is how the apps with this function will appear and it will be possible to choose more easily without showing a whole list of options that are often irrelevant.

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This new function is expected to be available with the final version of iOS 14.5, however one user mentioned having seen them in iOS 14.4.2 which could say that this change does not come directly in the iOS version but on the server, something that would imply that it is present in more versions of iOS.

App Store
MacRumors has shown a preview of what the new search would look like in the App Store.

This change will benefit completely the search for applications, something that also affects developers and purchases within the store, something that could make it repeat or exceed the amount of spending during 2020 in the App Store.



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