Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Sport After Cilegon United, Raffi Ahmad plans to acquire the League 3 club

After Cilegon United, Raffi Ahmad plans to acquire the League 3 club

Suara.com – Renowned celebrity Raffi Ahmad recently acquired Cilegon United which was renamed Rans Cilegon FC. Raffi seems not satisfied with buying just one club, because he is reportedly planning to take over the Indonesian League 3 contestant team.

This news was discovered when Raffi Ahmad was chatting with a fellow celebrity, namely Darius Sinathrya. In channel YouTube Darius, which premiered on Wednesday (7/4/2021), Raffi did not hesitate to reveal his plan.

“Because many people still think League 2 or League 3 is still less prestigious. So I prefer to acquire (a small club),” said Raffi Ahmad as chairman of Rans Cilegon FC.

“This is a plan for the League 3 team to be acquired as well. So it is my challenge to be able to excite something that is not yet passionate. For League 1, senior businessmen have been there,” added Raffi.

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Well, from the rumors that spread, the League 3 club that will be taken over by Raffi Ahmad is PSB Bogor. Because, it is known that Raffi has also visited PSB.

Through his Instagram social media account on March 30, Raffi shared the moment when he visited PSB Bogor. In the uploaded video, Raffi Ahmad is seen with four people from the League 3 club, PSB Bogor.

PSB also welcomed the arrival of Raffi Ahmad. Even the husband of Nagita Slavina received a jersey during his visit.

“For my PSB Bogor friends, this is enthusiastic. I was given a memento. Now in League 3, yes. Moving on in League 3 is also great,” said Raffi Ahmad during his visit.

“Anyway, for my friends PSB always be successful, for Kang Bima Arya (Mayor of Bogor), greetings with respect,” he concluded in the video.

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