Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Ahead of Ramadan, IM3 Ooredoo Supports Gathering Online

Ahead of Ramadan, IM3 Ooredoo Supports Gathering Online – The month of Ramadan is coming soon. Even though it is hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic situation, IM3 Ooredoo invites the public to stay in touch without stopping, even if only through online.

In the header #silaturahmiTanpaHenti, hospitality can be done at any time with only an internet connection.

Through its title, IM3 supports to keep the immediate family, also for people who travel out of town.

According to Indosat Ooredoo VP Head of Brand Management & Strategy Fahroni Arifin, network readiness in the month of Ramadan will be prepared. For him, this year’s Ramadan is unique, because everything is limited to just staying at home.

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“This Ramadan is at home, so we prepare and strengthen the network so that we can carry out Ramadan at home. And the network is also a focus in 2020 and 2021,” he said, (7/4/2021).

He continued, the highest predicted usage in the month of Ramadan is almost 24 hours, which is filled with people who work at home, online schools, and also users at midnight before dawn.

“This Ramadan, because we work from home and school at home, you could say that it is almost 24 hours of users at some point. The ones that are really empty are at midnight and before dawn,” he explained.

Through an advertisement in collaboration with Sal Priadi, Indosat carries a message not to stop visiting during a pandemic.

“The video is about how we should respect the people we have. Whatever we have is what we are grateful for,” he explained.

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In addition, according to Chief Commercial Officer of Indosat Ooredoo Ritesh Kumar Singh, the pandemic teaches many things, so it is necessary to protect what is around.

“Many things can be lost at any time, so whatever we have today must be preserved. Because it becomes the spirit of the #silaturahmiTanpaHenti Ramadan campaign,” he said.



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