Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Aletta Stars to Compose Song from Curhatan Fans – The vocal group Aletta Stars has recently been diligently filling video content on TikTok. One of the videos he uploaded was even watched more than 15 million times, not only on TikTok, but also on Instagram and Line.

Not expecting the video he made to get a positive reaction from netizens, this vocal group consisting of Stevani Augusta, Thia Ryna, and Fikri Fatur is increasingly challenged to make even better videos.

But this time, Stevani, Thia and Fikri tried new ideas. They make videos about the diversity of languages ​​in Indonesia.

Aletta Stars [dokumentasi pribadi]

The video contains the actions of Stevani, Thia, and Fikri who interpret certain words into three different regional languages, namely Banjar, Sundanese and Minang.

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“For the regional language there are 14 parts. If the sentence, guess the word, there will be a lot of local language rags. Initially no one watched it at all, then in the third video it went up. But the increase was because we were blasphemed when we had an error,” said Stevani, when chatted with journalists in the Kemang area, South Jakarta, recently.

“So in our language we mean ‘lie’. Eh it turns out to be wrong. We got bullied a lot,” added Fikri.

“The concept is to answer quickly and read wrongly so you get bullied,” Thia said.

Even though they received a lot of bullying from netizens, Stevani, Thia, and Fikri were actually happy. Because that way, the mission to introduce regional languages ​​to millennials gets a lot of attention from netizens.

Because in addition to having fun, the content is expected to be a medium of education and help preserve language as one of the nation’s wealth.

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“Apart from educating us, we are also indirectly participating in learning again. Find out more about the local language itself,” said Fikri.



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