Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Alexandra threw a cup at Brandon after he threatened her: You will go to prison for prostitution! (VIDEO)



Aleksandra Nikolić was released from prison, so she immediately headed to the White House, and Brendon Radonić also waited because she ended up there.

– You think you matter? I can send you to a real prison! I will sue you – Brandon provoked, while before that they had a fierce quarrel.

– She behaves like an easy woman, they behave properly, according to the rules, you don’t behave like that! You just love him and that’s it. I don’t know if she’s that, they’re talking about her! Mars! Why are you interfering? – shouted Brandon, who entered Alexandra’s face.

– What did they do to you in the booths, illegal prostitute! Put her in jail! They say you were in Albania, and I saw some footage outside! Maja is my friend, and this one is a joke here! Said Brandon in anger.

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Alexandra pulled food and a cup on Brandon, and security immediately stormed the White House to prevent a physical confrontation. Due to her aggressive behavior, Aleksandra ended up in prison.

After the chaos, Brandon stated that he would file a lawsuit against Aleksandra Nikolić for attempted murder.

And then Maja started hysterical to Janjuša again, while the security guard was standing next to:

– You stink! I will chase you every day – said Maja.



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