Thursday, April 15, 2021
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Home Business Anacom wants to accelerate 5G auction - Telecommunications

Anacom wants to accelerate 5G auction – Telecommunications

Anacom, regulator of the telecommunications sector, initiated a process of changing the auction rules that is taking place and that will assign frequencies to 5G.

According to the regulator’s statement, “in order to prevent an eventual excessive extension of the 5G auction duration and other relevant bands, Anacom decided to initiate a procedure to amend the respective regulation that would allow the introduction of procedural streamlining mechanisms, including an increase in the daily number of rounds and, if necessary, greater increments in the bid amounts “.

But until these changes are completed, the auction continues “to proceed according to the rules in force, which already allow bidders, if they wish, to speed up the auction”.

For Anacom “it is urgent to promote the adoption of measures that, duly weighing all the interests in question, minimize any possible excessive extension of the auction, allowing for a procedural streamlining”.

After consulting the market, it may result from changes to the rules for more daily rounds and / or extension of the daily bidding period. It also refers to the possibility of “inhibiting the use of the minimum increments that bidders can choose in a given round (1% and 3%)”.

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Interested parties have a period of 5 working days, until April 15, to comment.



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