Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Technology Android 11 on OPPO smartphones? Brand reveals plans for ColorOS 11

Android 11 on OPPO smartphones? Brand reveals plans for ColorOS 11

With Android 12 already being prepared, there are some brands that are now accelerating the step to bring the current version to their equipment. Android 11 has come a long way and is already present in many brands.

One of the brands that seems to have taken this path now is OPPO, having revealed the plans for the upgrade to ColorOS 11. It won’t be long now and will thus bring Android 11 to your smartphones.

OPPO's plans are well defined

OPPO has grown uniquely in Europe, following the line of what it has managed to do in other international markets. The brand has a clear commitment to its models and the news revealed highlight a special attention to details that are known to be of interest to users.

With a concern for Android versions, OPPO now presented your plans for the arrival of ColorOS 11. This version is based on Android 11 and already this month will take important steps in many more models.

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OPPO ColorOS Android smartphones update

Beta of ColorOS 11 in tests

The beta version of OPPO's ColorOS 11 will now be available for the Reno Z, A5 (2020), A9 (2020) and A73 5G models from April 13. For now Europe is left out with this version, due to issues associated with the GDPR.

With regard to models sold in Europe, the scenario is much more positive. ColorOS 11 and Android 11 are already being distributed for a large set of models and in an even larger list of countries.

OPPO ColorOS Android smartphones update

Portugal in the list of Android 11 of the brand

Portugal is naturally on this list and equipment has already been updated for the ColorOS 11. The OPPO Reno 4 5G and Reno 4 Pro 5G models already have the update for Android 11 to be distributed, albeit in a phased manner and in batches.

As with other smartphones, searching for this new version is simple, just by going to Settings. OPPO thus addresses one of the biggest concerns of users. The arrival of ColorOS 11 with Android 11 thus renews the brand's smartphones.



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