Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Another mobile COVID-19 checkpoint is opened in Kaunas district

Another mobile COVID-19 checkpoint is opened in Kaunas district

According to Kaunas District Municipality doctor Milda Labašauskaitė, mobile points, which have appeared closer to people’s place of residence, will allow people to explore more comfortably.

“A lot of people have to check up prophylactically every 7-10 days, therefore they will be able to check in at these points closer to home, they will no longer have to go to Kaunas,” the doctor explained.

Photo of Kaunas district municipality / Testing process for COVID-18

The Garliava mobile checkpoint will be open on weekdays, three days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2pm to 6pm. Individuals wishing to test at a mobile point will need to register via the Coronavir Hotline 1808 system by phone or electronically on the website

The following tests will be performed at the site: PCR test, rapid antigen test and serological tests for antibodies.

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Kaunas District Municipality encourages persons who have symptoms of COVID-19 disease to have returned from foreign countries, as well as those persons who have been instructed to be examined by NVSC specialists after the epidemiological diagnosis of COVID-19 disease outbreak.

Persons who are examined prophylactically are also very welcome and welcome.



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