Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Technology Apple has released the Find My Certification Asst app. for testing...

Apple has released the Find My Certification Asst app. for testing Find My-enabled accessories

Apple has launched a new app called Find My Certification Asst. For third-party accessory developers. With it, manufacturers will be able to test the compatibility of their own products with Apple’s Find My feature, which allows you to find lost devices such as iPhones, AirPods and Mac computers.

According to the available data, the new application can be used by MFi (Made for iPhone) licensees who want to implement Find My support in their products. According to the description of the application, MFi licensees may use the presented software for testing “detection, connectivity and other key functions»For their Apple Find My-enabled accessories. The interface of the new application suggests that with its help developers can conduct a wide range of tests in different areas, such as connectivity, sound, firmware, NFC, etc.

According to reports, Find My Certification Asst. was published on the App Store on April 4, and so far the app does not belong to any of the platform’s product categories, nor does it have ratings or reviews. The launch of this app is a step towards Apple’s broader goal of making the Find My network available to third parties, as well as launching its new AirTags accessory.

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