Saturday, April 10, 2021
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ARD thriller “Captive”: House with Wolf

A police officer witnesses a fatal accident. And immerses himself deeply in the life of the deceased in the seemingly surreal ARD thriller.

Harry (Wolfram Koch) becomes a wolf in the ARD thriller “Captured” Photo: WDR

You would like a policeman to be so relaxed and affectionate if he catches you talking on the phone in the car. “Just don’t answer, what,” advises police officer Harry instead of a warning with a fine to the driver. “I’m just interested in people,” Harry explains to his slightly annoyed colleague. Otherwise he would not have found out from the man behind the wheel that his wife wants to go on a trip to Tunisia – a short exchange that will be decisive for the story. A normal police officer, like your colleague, doesn’t even want to know something like that. But Harry is empathetic and empathizes with people. Maybe too much?

The next time Harry, played by Wolfram Koch, sees the control man, he is dying after an accident next to his car. Harry can’t help him, the wife, or the two daughters.

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From then on, things get more and more surreal in this film by director Elke Hauck (“Karger”, “The Prize”).

Harry spends the afternoon in the outdoor pool. With him are his wife (Antje Traue), who is expecting a child, and his daughter, who has another mother with whom she lives. The son has just left the house. When she later found out about the accident, the woman wonders how he was able to spend the day so happily with them afterwards. “It was just a happy day,” he says.

Man’s wolf

And to the police psychologist, to whom he reluctantly goes: “That is part of it. Another person may not be able to handle it that well. ”To his boss, who worries:“ Sometimes you go through the day and then you go out again. ”

“Captured” runs on Wednesday, April 7th at 8.15 p.m. in Erste and already in the media library

What Harry says is one thing – what he does is another. He can still remember the address of the dead family. The house is actually nothing special – but in a very idyllic location in the Brandenburg pampas: with forest and lake and game reserve. And with wolf in the game reserve. It has probably long been owned by some Berlin cultural celebrity who added it to the portfolio of such a location agency for the purpose of refinancing. And of course, contrary to what the film claims, there is also the Internet. Harry swims in the lake and teenagers steal his clothes. He breaks into the house and slips into the man’s honest diamond sweater. He speaks to his dead wife and girls as if they were his family and still alive.

Wolfram Koch would have liked to give the role of the television cop, which he has played in the “Tatort” set in Frankfurt am Main since 2015, a new shoot. In recent years, Koch was often seen on stage in the productions of Peter Fritsch, whose very own, motley, slapstick-like style has opened up a surreal dimension to the director’s theater.

You don’t have to come up with such great role models as Roman Polański’s tenant trilogy. The motif that a domicile becomes the setting for a horror story is nothing less than a (genre) classic. Like slipping into the identity of a deceased person.

Who thinks of horror!

And it doesn’t stop with these motifs. Let’s stay at home: We know the animal development of an initially adapted human being, the wolf motif, from “The Dark Side of the Moon” or, of course: “Wild” by Nicolette Krebitz.

But that was cinema, not television. You don’t expect horror there. Especially on the broadcast slot on Wednesday evening, which is reserved for the more demanding subjects according to the ARD program schedule. One expects what the film with the title “Captive” initially seemed to be: the portrait of an empathic man who becomes more captive to his trauma the more he tries to suppress it.

Now the surreal twists don’t necessarily have to mean that it isn’t exactly that – too – in the end. The film allows more than one reading and explains nothing. In addition, he allows himself an open ending. But the ARD did something!



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