Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Autarchic. Suzana Garcia unanimously approved

This Wednesday, the PSD presented 53 more candidates to the municipal elections, but José Silvano spent most of the time explaining the decision to support the lawyer Suzana Garcia for the Amadora chamber.

The PSD’s secretary-general was already taking the prepared answer and started by saying that he was going to give a longer answer. “She is a candidate with the appropriate profile for the municipality to which she is applying and with strong chances of winning. The PSD is a party that fits everyone as long as they do not jeopardize the essential values ​​of social democracy. We live well with the difference of opinions and we do not condemn anyone for the crime of opinion ”.

Susana Garcia’s name was approved by the National Political Commission unanimously and Silvano admitted that the most controversial “public positions” of the former commentator were analyzed, namely on chemical castration.

Suzana Garcia defends chemical castration for pedophiles, but the PSD considers that this position “does not affect the PSD’s essential values”.

Silvano wanted to “make it clear” that the party’s leadership is “against chemical castration”, but the position of the now candidate “manages to fit into the plurality that the PSD has for candidates for the country’s chambers”.

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Despite defending the candidacy of the ex-commentator to the Amadora chamber, Silvano admitted that the conversation would be different in the case if the candidacy were to the Assembly of the Republic. “If I were a candidate for the Assembly of the Republic I would have another analysis screen that I don’t have as a candidate for the Amadora chamber”.

Finally, Silvano guaranteed that this candidacy does not represent an approximation to Chega and recalled that Susana Garcia has already made public that she has always voted for PSD and refused André Ventura’s invitations to be a candidate in municipalities. “She is the most suitable candidate to win the Câmara da Amadora. You can be absolutely sure of that. We speak in October ”, he concluded.



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