Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home Breaking News Azerbaijan and Turkey will establish e-export bridge to the CIS Region

Azerbaijan and Turkey will establish e-export bridge to the CIS Region

Brendfo the Business Development Director Nijat Ahmadov, “in 2023 until the end of Turkey’s e-commerce vendors with a population of 300 million of Independent States (CIS), we aim to bring together the region. It has a population of over 10 million Azerbaijani consumer tool in 2020, using the structures of e-commerce in Turkey created an e-commerce volume of approximately 1 billion TL from their platforms. said.

Founded in Istanbul and R & D period, business associations conducted over two years, which he described as investments with Azerbaijan’s most powerful e-commerce logistics of the Brendfo becomes the owner of infrastructure, the retail brand in Turkey with the 2021 E-export focus of the annual 2 billion with the potential of Azerbaijan with the market.

brand of Azerbaijan mainly 300 million, the largest e-exportation way to becoming partner Brendfoni his work in the region with a population of BTD in Turkey, shared Brendfo the Business Development Director at a press conference held online where Nijat Ahmadov attended.

Ahmadov,’s rapid opening to the CIS region covering Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine in 2022, and with its strong e-commerce logistics infrastructure, it will be a leader in these markets that are open to development. He told me that he was aiming to come.

2023 Turkey until the end of e-commerce sellers stating that they intended to bring together the CIS region with a population of 300 million Nijat Ahmadov, recalling the infrastructure work they started 2.5 years ago, said:

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“We started in Azerbaijan we have created the first operation to our powerful e-commerce infrastructure. It has a population of over 10 million Azerbaijani consumer tool in 2020, using the structures of the e-commerce platform in Turkey has created nearly 1 billion worth of e-commerce volume. Made in recent years research, especially for textiles manufacturers in Turkey as of 2021 year show that a $ 2 billion market volume.

Brendfo of our company which is active in the R & D process for creating the infrastructure, Azerbaijan e-commerce through the operation with Turkey have created private in 2019 in throwing 300 thousand processing signed a 70 million worth of volume, while in 2020 the trading volume of 660 to over thousand, £ 140 million ‘ It reached a turnover of about. Until today, we have touched nearly 1 million Azerbaijani consumers and managed to reach nearly 400 thousand active customers. “

Ahmadov said that although e-commerce volume is high in Azerbaijan, there is currently no local marketplace that directly dominates the market.

Azerbaijan consumers, especially the US, China, Germany and voicing shopping can indirectly through brokerage firms from different sites belonging to countries such as Turkey Akhmadov, gave the following information:

“Getting the required products of local e-commerce logistics makes goods passing as companies online these companies demand to supply for themselves, and then they take delivery of the process at the end of their address or shipping purchase centers in their products. We launched a significant change as Brendfoni the marketplace in this direction and Turkey We cooperated with many brands. We started to create a great e-commerce culture in Azerbaijan and we will reach the turnover target of 500 million TL by the end of 2021. “

Indicating that they completely target the Azerbaijani consumer and that sales are made under many different categories such as clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and home textiles, Ahmadov explained that they are working for the best in every field where demand and need are based on the data they have in their R&D process.


According to information shared at the meeting, Azerbaijani consumer shipping fee of up to 50-80 tl for each package online shoppers from Turkey before the Brendfo paying, Brendfo the time when products need to reach Azerbaijan consumer from Turkey, “Shipping free” approach with free shipping normal in terms of the guarantee will offer nearly equivalent to the price of transport with Turkey built cargo prices.

On the other hand, the issue of return, which is one of the biggest problems of the e-commerce sector, will be resolved by Brendfoni with the “Happy Returns” approach by keeping the manufacturer brand independent from the process and by making a refund to the consumer with customer and brand satisfaction.



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