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Became a Victim of Seizure of Inheritance, Diego Maradona’s brother was evicted from the house

Suara.com – Diego Maradona’s sister, Lili, is said to have been a victim of the struggle for inheritance. Lili who lives in Maradona’s house is kicked out by her family.

Lili is said to be the older sister who has the closest relationship with Maradona until her last breath in November 2020.

After Maradona died, Lili still lives in the house belonging to the Argentine legend that was bought for her parents. However, now Lili’s fate has changed drastically and has to leave the house.

Adapted from report The Sun on Wednesday (7/4/2021), Lili, crying, had to leave Maradona’s house. This is because at least 16 people fought over Maradona’s assets and asked Lili to be expelled.

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“Diego’s daughters, namely Dalma, Giannina, and Jada as well as representatives of Diego Junior’s sons want Lili to leave the house. It is a difficult emotional decision, but it is important that the house be vacant while the inheritance is being determined,” said a source.

Diego Maradona’s older brother, Lili, was kicked out of the family home.

Not only was Lili kicked out, the belongings of Maradona’s house had to be kept temporarily while the dispute over the inheritance was going on.

Meanwhile, Maradona’s inheritance was being fought over by her son because Maradona did not leave a will.

In fact, the Naoli legend wrote a will in 2012. However, four years later Maradona canceled the letter. So that the struggle for inheritance is now inevitable.

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