Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology BenQ Screen Bar, smart lamp, LED lighting system to protect your eyes

BenQ Screen Bar, smart lamp, LED lighting system to protect your eyes

Launch Screen Bar LED pendant lamp for computer screen hanging with smart dimming sensor. And group monitors GW-T Series Designed to be able to adjust the stand level as needed With eye care technology that protects the eyes of the user when the screen is needed for a long time

BenQ Screen Bar, smart lamp, LED lighting system to protect your eyes

Screen Bar LED lamp for computer screen mounting That comes with an automatic light sensor, 500 Lux brightness with Asymmetrical Optical Design, anti-glare on the computer screen Gives light to illuminate only the area used. Makes you see everything on the screen clearly. 8 levels of color temperature adjustment for both warm white and yellow light Free from the danger of blue light Tested and certified to international standards. It helps to preserve the user’s eyesight and increase efficiency while using the monitor for a long time.

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The BenQ Screen Bar also measures 45 cm x 9 cm x 9.2 cm, weighs 0.53 kg, can be connected by a USB cable, designed to support perfect use, saving space on your desk. It’s even more convenient with a touch panel that lets you turn the lights on and off and adjust the brightness or color temperature as needed. Easy to attach to the computer screen. No tape or other equipment is needed to damage or aging the monitor.

BenQ Screen Bar It is available nationwide at a price of 3,490 baht and BenQ Screen Bar Plus That comes with Desktop Dial control buttons launched at a price of 4,490 baht or you can follow the details at

BenQ GW-T Series, a new generation of monitors that care about the health of users.

GW-T Series Monitor products that help you care for your eyesight Designed to allow users to adjust the height, degree, tilt and rotation of the screen according to their needs, BenQ recognizes ergonomics of different users. Equipped with features from BenQ’s proprietary Brightness Intelligence technology, the screen automatically adjusts the screen lighting to suit the user’s surroundings. In order to prevent overexposure Helps preserve the eyes that may arise from prolonged use on the screen. And can increase concentration while studying or working at home as well

GW-T Series Released at the same time, two models to choose from, including the GW2480T, the 24 ”monitor, launched at a price of 4,990 baht, and the GW2780T, the 27” monitor, priced at 6,790 baht.



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