Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Bicycle boat Amersfoort is not sailing for the time being due to corona measures | NOW

The Eemlijn bicycle boat in Amersfoort is not going to sail for the time being. Normally, the tourist boat would sail across the Eem for the first time on April 15, but the Eemlijn foundation is refraining from this due to the corona measures still in force.

The safety of the people on board, the passengers and the voluntary staff is paramount for the foundation. “We want to keep the risks to a minimum and certainly not cooperate in filling the hospitals.”

In addition, the board of the Eemlijn shows solidarity with the catering industry that has been closed for months. The foundation points out that the upper deck will look like ‘a sailing terrace’ if a maximum of thirty people on board are admitted under the rules and the facilities on board are open. “And that while the terraces are not yet allowed to open.” The foundation does not want to do that to regional catering entrepreneurs.

De Eemlijn expects to open the season and to sail again as soon as the terraces are allowed to open. “The boat is ready and our volunteers are eager to take you back on board.” The foundation advises ‘sailing cyclists’ to keep an eye on the social media channels.

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