Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Binder vaccine – brother Damian’s blog

In Bhutan, almost half of the population has received vaccines, no wonder that according to sociological research, the happiest people in the world live there. However, in the European Union as much as 12% after vaccination may not be afraid of the coronovirus.

Whoever is older remembers how during the harvest period, the whole nation was excited about the lack of string for bundles every year during the harvest season. Party dignitaries, journalists and scientists were concerned about this gigantic economic problem. The reasons for the lack of string were child’s play, and even preschoolers knew it: socialism is a system that heroically fights against the problems it creates. The PZPR’s first task in such situations was to find the guilty parties. Usually they were private speculators, that is, just those who tried to solve such problems with the supply of anything that people needed, despite the persecution of the authorities. And the EU found the culprits: Angola! Angolans sell vaccines to those who pay them more and who have signed appropriate trade agreements in time. It’s terrible, because they should vaccinate LGBT refugees or elderly people for free. When someone watches Euronews, which is something like a modern Truth or “People’s Tribune”, recently he could enjoy daily articles about how Angolans suffer terribly after escaping from our camp (a barrack in the EU camp). And they can’t eat their favorite French blue cheeses, and they can’t sell daffodils in Europe, or they stand in queues for kilometers at the border. In a word, they were crazy, they caused themselves problems, although it was so sweet for them in the EU. Such sadomasochists who operate according to the principle: To spite my mother, I will frostbite my ears, should be forcibly directed to therapy in a special EU barrack for madmen. Brexit is a manifestation of collective paranoia, or better, populism (“populism” – according to the Brussels newspaper, is when someone other than should win the elections). And now Angolans are several times better with vaccinations than in the EU and the columns are over.

What if the supply of vaccines was transferred to individual countries, or even to clinics, hospitals and health clinics? Whoever wants to, goes, pays and vaccinates. After all, the vaccine doesn’t cost a fortune. After all, the virus does not care who is vaccinated, rich or poor, it is important that there are as many of them as possible, because in this way the social immunity grows quickly and both the poor and the rich benefit from it. Oh no! And where are economic planning, social justice, analysis and strategies? Well, what would you need Euro officials for then? No, we will never let people decide their own fate. Socialism or death! This time literally. So EU officials, unable to solve this colossal problem, have started to persecute those who do not want to vaccinate, and at that time the vaccines do not mind the distribution system developed by the EU wise men, they simply expire. And the officials themselves analyze, develop a strategy, create laws, sanctions and regulations, and coordinate the way out of the crisis.

What is socialism? It’s a system that takes from the rich and gives to the poor. The more poor people, the more supporters of socialism. Therefore, in order to maintain power, socialism does not strive for the welfare of the inhabitants, but for the equal distribution of poverty. In order to distribute this poverty, officials are needed who leave some of what they took from the rich for their own expenses. The EU works no different. The German economy, as the strongest (especially in the Euro zone), draws the greatest profits from the common market, while countries such as Italy and France are systematically becoming poor relatives, who have nothing else to do but jostle at the door of a rich uncle. Germany gives a lot, but gains even more. And to think that the European Coal and Steel Community was created to stop Germany’s domination and make it an integral part of the European economy!

What to do? Maybe send Euro officials to study in Bhutan? Unfortunately, they do not accept tourists there 🙁 The problem of Europe does not lie in Brussels or Strasbourg, but in the minds of Europeans themselves, who are full of sawdust and filings, are afraid to think, let alone say, and are eager to swallow every squeeze of ideological cotton. he is naked, but no one wants to see it. Europe, an old-fashioned old woman who has neither goal nor sense, is losing its position in the world and is more and more pity on other continents.

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