Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World BNS: Highlights of Wednesday 15min.lt

BNS: Highlights of Wednesday 15min.lt

Pause in the release plan. The government did not take the further trade liberalization it had promised, citing the deteriorating epidemiological situation. Representatives of traders said they were disappointed and shocked by such a decision. Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė says that the quarantine mitigation plan approved by the Government is inert and can be adjusted by introducing another criterion – the scale of vaccination. Last week, the government announced that all stores could open on April 12th.

* The government has expanded from five to 10 groups the number of people who can choose to be outdoors, reduced the area required for one person inside non-formal education places, and allowed people to be served in archives. Municipalities are given time to move to testing in schools if the epidemiological situation in them does not improve.

Coronavirus situation:

* 1116 new cases of COVID-19 have been identified, most of whom have died since 26 January. 939 COVID-19 patients are treated in hospitals, 100 of whom are in resuscitation. The rate of new cases in 14 days is 100 thousand. According to the government, the acceleration of the pandemic in Lithuania has been positive since March 12: for almost a month now, there has been no day to reduce the number of cases per week, only the pace of acceleration has changed.

* Officials not receiving the coronavirus vaccine held a protest against the government. The Minister of the Interior Agnė Bilotaitė said that the lists of officials are already being coordinated, where they have not yet started vaccination, it will be done in the near future.

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Photo by Julius Kalinskas / 15min / Agnė Bilotaitė

* The Ministry of Health is preparing to change the COVID-19 vaccination procedure, which would allow the immediate vaccination of officials, cashiers, followed by teams of more than 250 individuals, from the priority groups listed above.

* U.S. President Joe Biden has announced that all adults in the country will be eligible to be vaccinated against coronavirus in two weeks.

„Scanpix“ / AP nuotr./Joe Bidenas

„Scanpix“ / AP nuotr./Joe Bidenas

* Human rights group Amnesty International has condemned rich countries for failing to show international solidarity by gaining a de facto monopoly on global stockpiles of vaccines, leaving the least resourced countries to deal with the health and human rights crisis on their own.

* The United Kingdom has started vaccination with Moderna. To date, the country has vaccinated the population with Pfizer-BioNTech and AstraZeneca vaccines.

* The German state of Bavaria has signed a preliminary contract this summer to buy 2.5 million. Doses of Sputnik V vaccine, subject to approval by the European Medicines Agency.

* Estonia has announced the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca for people under 60 years of age. The European Medicines Agency is preparing to present its findings tonight on the possible link between AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine and blood clots. The Lithuanian Ministry of Health promises further decisions after them.

Arno Strumilos / 15min nuotr./Vakcina

Arno Strumilos / 15min nuotr./Vakcina

Cyber ​​incidents. Last year’s National Cyber ​​Security State Report presented a quarterly increase in the number of cyber incidents, linked to pandemic constraints. According to analysts, the increase in incidents was also influenced by the Seimas elections and political changes, although specific attempts to illegally influence the elections were avoided.

Business support. The term has been extended by four months for businesses on the list of affected companies of the State Tax Inspectorate, when interest will not be calculated and tax recovery will not be carried out. Under the new regime, no tax recoveries would be made until October 30, interest would be calculated, and the interest-free tax loan agreement could be concluded until August 31. Authorities hope this will make it easier for pandemic-affected businesses to get out of quarantine.

Lifetime. Last year, life expectancy in Lithuania decreased by 1.4 years compared to the previous year, which is the third highest indicator in the European Union. In Lithuania, this indicator reached 76.5 years in 2019, and last year it was 75.1.

Conviction for soldiers. In Turkey, 22 former soldiers sentenced to life imprisonment for participating in the failed 2016 coup to overthrow President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Showers in Indonesia. Mud landslides and floods caused by rains in eastern Indonesia and neighboring East Timor have claimed at least 160 lives, with dozens still missing.

Iranian ship. The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has reported that the explosion of a mine-mounted mine has damaged the Saviz ship, which was sent to the Red Sea some time ago to fight piracy. It is assumed that this could have been done by Israel.



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