Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Broad support for corona passport, Dutch people hesitant about infection evidence | NOW

Seven out of ten Dutch people are in favor of a corona passport, according to behavioral research by the RIVM. Participants argue that they ‘see it’ to use such a passport, which records negative test certificates and vaccinations, to gain access to events, cultural locations, work and education. Evidence that someone has recently had COVID-19 should not grant people that same access, the participants say.

Only four in ten Dutch people think that after a recent infection someone should be given the same freedoms as a vaccinated or negative tested person. After an infection, antibodies are still present against the corona virus for six months. One can become infected a second time, although the risk seems to be very small.

The RIVM also reports that support for the visitors’ scheme has fallen further and that less than half of the Dutch now support the measure. About 47 percent see the visiting arrangement as necessary, a decrease of 10 percentage points.

Compliance with the measure is also declining. Where previously 81 percent of the participants stated that they did not receive more than one person per day in the past week, that share dropped to 72 percent.

Participants also state that they get tested more often – 63 percent compared to 51 percent six weeks earlier – and 45 percent of them now stay at home with complaints or awaiting a test result. That share was 33 percent in the previous measurement round. “The research participants still regard the virus as a risk to themselves and others and believe that the measures effectively inhibit the virus,” RIVM writes.

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