Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home Breaking News Businessman denies mutilation of protected dunes with rubber goat in Skagen

Businessman denies mutilation of protected dunes with rubber goat in Skagen

A North Jutland businessman who is accused of having mutilated two dune areas at Sønderstrand in Skagen, denies guilt.

The man stated this via his lawyer at the beginning of the court hearing on Wednesday morning in the Court in Hjørring.

A 39-year-old co-defendant, who is accused of leveling the dunes with a rubber goat, pleads not guilty to the charge of aggravated vandalism.

But he admits to having violated the Nature Conservation Act. Here, the penalty is significantly lower than the Penal Code’s section on gross vandalism.

According to his lawyer, the man has no objections to the prosecution’s claim for confiscation of DKK 10,000.

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It is an amount that, according to the indictment, constitutes the profit of having done the work in the dunes with a rubber goat.

It is the opinion of the prosecution that the businessman urged the co-defendant to carry out the illegal regulation of the protected dunes.

The two defendants have not yet testified in court. It is not expected to happen until later in the day.

Special prosecutor Jan Østergaard has opened the court hearing by presenting the case.

Several thousand cubic meters of sand moved

It was Frederikshavn Municipality that reported the case to the police after the incident on 26 October 2019.

According to the municipality’s report, there had been a “strong terrain regulation”.

Using heavy machinery, one to one and a half meters of two dune areas had been “peeled”, according to the prosecutor in the report.

The municipality estimates that between 3,000 and 3,500 cubic meters of sand have been moved.

The businessman, who has a summer home overlooking the beach, has confirmed to local media that he is involved in the case.

He has stated that he may have “sown a seed” in the co-defendant.

However, he denies that there are quantities of sand in the order of magnitude that the municipality claims.

It appears from the indictment that the damages amount to 447,000 kroner. The municipality has since the incident re-established the dune area.

The court has set aside three days to process the case and is expected to close the case on Friday.




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