Friday, April 16, 2021
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Home Technology Call of Duty Warzone: nerf two weapons of the battle royale

Call of Duty Warzone: nerf two weapons of the battle royale

Call of Duty Warzone still continues today a grind record upon record of connected users. Activision’s battle royale has managed in its own way to revolutionize a genre bringing even those who are certainly not accustomed to it thanks to a immediate and fun gameplay. With the arrival of Season 2 the developers would seem to have their ideas very clear especially for the future with one “Plot” hidden that is thrilling all the fans. The latest of the many speculations concerns a mysterious bombing that should raze Verdansk making room for another “new” game map.

But one of the things that continues to turn up their noses are continuous technical problems and bugs of all kinds that are invading the battle royale leading fans to lash out at the developers. Activision now knows all this well and in fact continues to monitor everything proposing continuous updates.

Just these days the team has nerfato two of the most abused weapons by users, we are talking about the FAR 1 e dell’AUG, the latter has seen a drastic increase in the recoil force. Raven specified that this change is intended to maintain the identity of the weapon, which is as strong as it is difficult to master.

As for the FFAR 1, its aiming speed slightly decreased, making it more like a real assault rifle and less like an SMG. It therefore seems that the development team has done a great job on paper, it must be said that to date we do not have a clear idea whether these changes actually fixed everything by making the game much more balanced. We will therefore see, for any additional information and updates regarding Call of Duty Warzone, please follow our pages.

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