Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Car incentives destined to run out shortly for the 61-135 g / km range

IT’S destined to run out very soon the fund allocated with the budget law for 2021 and made available by the state for the purchase of vehicles with CO2 emissions between 61 and 135 g / km.

Not coincidentally, the incentives allocated for the purchase of a new car are increasingly requested by citizens. With reference to the platform dedicated to the eco-bonus made available to the MISE, it emerges that the fund equal to 250 million to allow motorists to take advantage of aid for the purchase of a new vehicle with carbon dioxide emissions between 61 and 135 g / km is about to end, if we consider that it currently amounts to less than 7.9 million. This band is inevitably the one most requested by users since it includes Euro 6 petrol and diesel models.

At present, however, there do not seem to be any particular problems for the funds allocated to electric and plug-in cars falling within the range 0-60 g/km in CO2. With reference to the 0-60 g / km range, they are still available over 174 million eco-bonuses to which are added the approx 78 million extrabonus, granted exclusively in the presence of a contribution from the same concessionaire. Let’s not forget, however, that in the past few hours the Motus-E association has raised the alarm by expressing its concern along with the dissemination of sales figures for green vehicles. The same highlighted as in March the numbers of PEV have grown significantly by touching the absolute record of 15,011 units in just one month, with sales approaching 30,000 units in a single quarter.

The resulting data is therefore connected to the need for additional incentives since the 37% of total aid allocated for the purchase of electric cars, scheduled for the whole of 2021, was used in the first three months of the year and at this rate they could run out next August, causing the blocking of the new car market. Among the various requests of the associations there is consequently that of refinance incentives that are running out making the eco-bonus structural until 2026, so as to ensure a decisive recovery of the car market severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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