Monday, April 19, 2021
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Casado accuses the Government of “using vaccination with partisan interests” and, at the same time, of “not painting anything in the vaccination”

The president of the Popular Party, Pablo Casado, began his speech this Thursday during a conference of the Concordia y Libertad Foundation – the think tank PP official – at the headquarters of the Collegiate Medical Organization (OMC), in Madrid, assuring that the electoral campaign in Madrid was not going to “interfere” in his intervention in that forum. But just a few seconds later, Casado himself used his intervention to defend the management of the PP communities, including Madrid, and charge again against the Government. “It is important that President Ayuso is committed to the culture of life,” he said.

The PP does not get support for its “legal plan B”, one of Casado’s star proposals against the state of alarm

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In his speech, full of contradictions, the PP leader accused, on the one hand, the Executive of “using” the vaccination process “with partisan interests” and, at the same time, he wondered: “If the Government of Spain does not paint anything in vaccination and in the pandemic, what is the government good for? ” “It cannot be that when a country has suffered 100,000 deaths, it has a fearful older population that has not seen their loved ones for a year, it cannot be that the vaccination strategy, which is the great hope, is used with partisan interests” , he regretted.

Next, Casado insisted that “the exclusive responsibility for pandemics belongs to the Government of Spain”, which he has once again accused of using the state of alarm to “govern by decree” and not giving explanations in court and of “hiding “in the autonomous communities, whose management during the health emergency has not ceased to stand out. The leader of the PP, while criticizing the end of the alarm on May 9 – as Sánchez announced on Tuesday, conditioning that end to a boost in vaccination – has denounced “the abandonment” of the Government, insisting in asking for a “legal plan B” like the one that his party brought to Congress and that was overthrown by the rest of the parties in the chamber, with harsh criticism from its autonomous partners such as Vox and Ciudadanos.

For Casado, the strategy for the next few months should be “vaccines in the arms and money in the pockets.” “You have to vaccinate and vaccinate,” he added, with a “good vaccination campaign and not a campaign vaccination,” he concluded. The PP leader has also criticized that, given the problems of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, “goes to Angola without giving any explanation.”

Casado has trusted the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on the regulation of AstraZeneca although he has announced that the PP has registered “today the appearance of the Minister of Health to explain what is happening.” In his opinion, “the numbers” on the vaccination campaign “do not add up.”

The PP leader has also defended the “difference in criteria” between the autonomous communities governed by his party when managing the pandemic, which have led, for example, Castilla y León to suspend vaccination with AstraZeneca while, at the same time, Senior officials of the Community of Madrid recorded themselves putting that same vaccine. These contradictions –which have also been seen with curfews or confinements– are due, in Casado’s opinion, to the “demographic concentration”, the “hospital dispersion” and the “aging of the population”.



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