Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Breaking News Catalonia will again decree a regional confinement after allowing mobility at Easter

Catalonia will again decree a regional confinement after allowing mobility at Easter

The Generalitat will once again decree the regional confinement in Catalonia. After lifting this restriction on March 15 and allowing free movement through the territory during Holy Week – in principle, with bubbles of coexistence -, this Wednesday it has been decided to take a step back due to the greater pressure in terms of hospital admissions and an uncertain scenario of the evolution of infections, which health authorities fear will skyrocket in the next few days after the festive period.

The Mossos impose 5,330 fines for breaching restrictions during Holy Week

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The rule will come into force this Friday, as advanced by TV3 and confirmed by this newspaper. In this way, at the weekend the Catalan population will no longer be able to leave their region of residence, with the usual exceptions.

“If we continue at this rate, it will not be sustainable,” warned the Secretary of Public Health, Josep Maria Argimon, regarding those admitted to the ICU. According to this Wednesday’s data, there are 458 people in intensive care, while the cumulative incidence in the last 14 days is 240.27 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, one of the highest in Spain. The Generalitat fears that the situation will get out of control and, after the emergency meeting of the Procicat – the entity that manages the pandemic – this Wednesday, it will give all the details of the restrictions.

Catalonia first maintained a municipal confinement and then a regional one from January 7 to March 15, when it was decided to relax the restrictions in part due to Holy Week. Despite the fact that the community’s perimeter closure and the curfew were maintained, as agreed by the autonomous communities with the Government, mobility between regions was allowed under the argument of “giving air” to the population and economic sectors.



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