Saturday, April 10, 2021
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CEO denies giving a bonus if PSIS advances to the Menpora Cup semifinals – The CEO of PSIS Semarang, Yoyok Sukawi, admitted that he did not promise a bonus to the Mahesa Jenar squad if they were able to qualify for the 2021 Menpora Cup semifinals.

“We have never lured players with bonuses,” said Yoyok when contacted by Antara from Jakarta.

According to the DPR RI member, the motivation of the PSIS players in the last eight of the Menpora Cup, where they will face PSM Makassar at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Friday (9/4/2021) tonight is purely because they want to win the match.

According to Yoyok, PSIS employees were really excited to compete. This is because before playing in the Menpora Cup group stage, they had not played football due to the COVID-19 pandemic for a long time.

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Yoyok revealed, Hari Nur Yulianto and friends were not targeted by the PSIS management at this Menpora Cup.

Yoyok said that his party only wanted the team to appear unyielding and take lessons from every match, before the new Liga 1 season rolled out.

“So they will play independently,” said the man who is also a member of the Exco PSSI Committee.

Although there was no incentive from management at the Menpora Cup, Yoyok said that his squad had received bonuses from parties working with PSIS, such as sponsors and shareholders.

The bonus was handed over to the players after they recorded two wins in Group A of the 2021 Menpora Cup.

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“There are people who are very happy and say, ‘Wow, this is crazy playing!'” Said Yoyok.

“Once we won, there were many who gave us bonuses. If so, how can I refuse? I will definitely let it go,” he said.

PSIS Semarang advanced to the 2021 Menpora Cup quarter-finals as winners of Group A by collecting seven points, two wins and a draw. Mahesa Jenar’s team appeared aggressive, scoring a total of nine goals in the group phase.



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