Sunday, April 11, 2021
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“Cher Bell” is delighted to hit the script. Lan Khoen Love Scene “Punnawat”

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08 April 2021 – 17:02

“Cher Bell” is delighted to hit the script. Unhearted Love Scene “Pong Nawat” reveals a close single heart Receive more scans

It is said that it has received a lot of admiration from netizens for Bua Klee in the drama Wanthong that has received the talented actor Cher Belle Lallin to receive this baht. In the year 2011, the young Cher Belle came to attend the event.

“Glad to receive the award from the script Bua Khlee Is the drama Wanthong, we don’t have a lot But he recognized us from this story. As for Bua Khlai, who died, must follow the original story as well and make a few adjustments to make it more fun. This is something that is very difficult, full of flavor, drama, love scene, and the love scene is embarrassed to represent everyone (laughs).
The Dong Phaya Yen drama is very happy to feed the case. Because he never played in this kind of drama as well As for the ratings, it was the number one place, which was delighted to represent the whole team. Because everyone works very hard. Called as an encouragement to recover from tiredness
At the heart, now there is no one. Revealing old love is not sad. It was past that point and asked to focus on work, he did not want to He knows that if we have made a decision, it cannot be changed. Can be friends On the business side, we withdrew. Confirmed that it ended well. The heart is now not closed. But choose more It is difficult for people to enter. Then have friends to help scan people who come
Revealing the contract side with Channel One, it is almost over. Think hard, not sure whether to continue or not to continue. Then have talked with some adults But still haven’t decided anything Admitted to having contacted from other places But would like to think about planning a plan first “

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