Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business Chiang Mai, 148 cases of COVIDs are ready to press conference

Chiang Mai, 148 cases of COVIDs are ready to press conference

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Chiang Mai Province, 148 cases of COVID-19 cases have been reported in Chiang Mai Province to hold press conference this evening.

April 9, 2021 Chiang Mai Provincial Public Health Office Report of the epidemic situation of COVID-19 The April daily ripple indicated that 148 more people were infected, bringing the total number of infections to 195. 195 hospitalized patients. No deaths. With new infections linked to entertainment venues And there will be a detailed announcement this evening

The District Hospital, Chiang Mai Also announced requests for those who travel to Chiang Mai That came from other areas (apart from the 5 provinces at risk), which were posted in the CM-CHANA application, with close observation of the symptoms themselves If there are abnormal symptoms, notify the local communicable disease control officer. Or go to see a doctor at a medical facility near home immediately

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The reporter further reported that yesterday (8 Apr) in Chiang Mai Province found 36 additional cases of infection with links to entertainment venues. Ready to ask people who have traveled to 6 vulnerable areas to be tested for the coronavirus 2019 at all nearby hospitals And inform the risk history

  1. DC Chiangmai Shop
  2. Tha Chang Cafe
  3. Warm Up Cafe
  4. Infinity Club Chiangmai
  5. Ground
  6. Living Machine Shop



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