Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home Business Chip Comp shortage crisis Electrical appliances rising prices

Chip Comp shortage crisis Electrical appliances rising prices

Computer chips are heavy lacks spread to electrical appliances. For a long time until the end of the year Affect every camp, resulting in product prices moving 10-20%. The mobile phone was also hit by “Xiao Mi”, pointing out a lack of chipset problem causing smartphone prices to move. Mobile phone importer points to hit the timeline, launches 5G smartphones in the first half of the year

Computer chip shortage crisis that began in early 2021 and the impact of COVID-19 Causing the demand for electronic devices to soar Including tablet computers, game machines, etc. and car manufacturers Which this year had higher orders than expected

As well as the telecommunication business that continues to expand its 5G network, few manufacturers cannot support demand. Making some IT products become scarce As for the automotive industry, the production line has to be stopped temporarily. Recently, this crisis has spread to the home appliance industry. Many camps quickly adapt to cope.

Consumer electronics prices moved.

Mr. Krisada Wattanaraksakul Director of the home appliance business, Thai Samsung Electronics Company Limited disclosed “Prachachat Business” that the appliance industry. In addition to the lack of computer chip crisis There is still a problem of raw materials to raise prices. Due to the lack of containers Which may drag on until the end of 2021

These problems affect all groups of electrical appliances. And the TV group may have a big impact Due to a problem with the price of the screen or panel that has been raised before Which will cause product shortages And the selling price has increased 10-20% according to the cost, if the problem is not resolved, it may take until mid-2022 to return to normal.

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Which Thai consumers may not feel much of the impact Since there are a wide variety of products in the market such as brands, models, colors, sizes, etc., the shortage image is not obvious. Same price Which the company tries to hold the product price as long as possible And negotiate to bring as many products from factories into Thailand

And adjust the response plan With an emphasis on marketing at the top level Launched be spoke sub-brand, highlighting the selling point of design and innovation. At the beginning of April, for example, refrigerators that change the door color and can be joined together to expand the size. Aiming to meet the needs of millennials, high purchasing power and investing in lifestyle products

Imported goods hit hard.

Mrs. Kanit Muangkrachang, President of Toshiba Thailand Co., Ltd., said that he began to see this problem from the end of 2020 by ordering more computer chips from the original order But having to wait 2 months longer, as with the shortage of containers, the situation will improve. But the cost of shipping is still higher than usual As well as prices of plastic and metal raw materials have moved up. Because of the price of oil While demand for electrical appliances increased by 15% than expected.

These problems affect quite a lot of imported electrical appliances. Due to being affected by both chip shortage And rising transportation costs from container shortages As a result, the overall selling price of this product group has to be increased by 5-10%.

However, in order not to have any effect on dealers and consumers. The company has urged to find new suppliers to replace and reserve raw materials. It is expected that it takes 1-2 months as the quality test is required. And have the parent company approve the replacement of the supplier first

Chai Niwat Kongsil, General Manager of Green Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed that it has been affected by the container problem since January. As a result, the shipping cost is increased five times, so the company cope with long-term contracts with shipping companies until they can average the cost of about 5%. Causing the product price in front of the store to only increase by 3%

As for the chip shortage situation, it has not been informed by the factory. And in Thailand At the moment, the company has enough stock for a few months to sell.

Smartphone hit, too.

Wang Xiang, Senior Vice President Xiao Mi said during the launch event of the Mi 11 family of smartphones at the end of the month. March ago that Broken chipset problem Causing Xiao Mi to adjust smartphone prices Caused by the world’s major chipset manufacturers

Like Qualcomm, there is a capacity problem. Causing the chipset to be delivered late And it may hurt the 5G smartphone launch timeline and will likely be a problem until the end of the year.

A source from OPPO Thailand said that it has not been impacted by this issue. And can also launch new 4G and 5G smartphones as planned

A news source in the mobile phone business said. It will affect the brands that use Qualcomm chipsets, but other brands such as chipsets from Taiwan MediaTek or Samsung Kirin still have production capacity. Therefore, it is possible that companies using Qualcomm chipsets will turn to chipsets from other suppliers.

Price move up – launch delay

Mr. Piyasit Thongyuak, Director of Sales and Marketing And corporate communication Synnex (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Importer and distributor of IT products. And mobile phones Said in this story The total smartphone market in the first half of the year was stable. From the lack of chipset problem Causing the production capacity to decrease as well

Expected to cause manufacturers to delay the release of new models. And may cause the set price during the opening to rise But consumers will not feel the price adjustment. Because it is a new product, for example, preparing to place the opening price at 4,900 baht, it may be adjusted to 5,400 baht, etc.

“Like the Huawei brand That the import and distribution company signaled for a while that Will release new products more slowly Originally, many camps expected that this year to launch many 5G smartphones, it may have to reassess the situation. But the situation right now does not even cause the smartphone to be in short supply. But more tight conditions Which is worldwide, however, the problem is expected to resolve in the second half. The new releases of each brand will be concentrated towards the end of the year, ”said Piyasit.

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