Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Business Chonburi has added 40 new COVIDs to connect to pubs, "Stone-Crystal-Motor Show".

Chonburi has added 40 new COVIDs to connect to pubs, “Stone-Crystal-Motor Show”.

Chonburi caught 40 cases of COVID as a result of aggressive searches of more than 500 people, 19 cases of “Fish Stone” Chonburi pub trips were linked to “Crystal-Motor Show” pubs.

A news report from the Chonburi Provincial Public Relations Office said that on April 8, 2021 at 6:30 a.m., 40 new cases of COVID-19 were reported, out of which 510 were exposed to proactive search. -19 As much as possible In order to prevent further spreading of the infection Now pending results

For 40 cases of COVID-infected cases, 12 cases were found: 1. Contact with an infected friend and 1 entertainment establishment employee in Bangkok.

2. The contact person joined the van with the family of 2 infected people who went to the motor show.

3. One contact person joined the class with the family of an infected person who went to the motor show.

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4. Two Japanese people exposed to an infected entertainment facility employee in Chonburi (Voice bar).

5. 1 person who contacted DJ at Crystal Pub, Bangkok, who was infected with infection

6. Go on a trip with a group of friends in Phuket. (Friends who have been infected from Bangkok) 2 cases

7. 1 Japanese and 1 Thai who is a DJ in a Bangkok pub (Top One)

8. One Japanese person touches a patient in the Krystal Pub, Bangkok.

9. Go to MAYA Huahin pub 1 person

10. Flintstone Pub 19 cases, Don Hua Lo Subdistrict, Mueang Chon Buri District, Chonburi Province

11. Family of patients confirmed in Bangkok area, 1 case

12. In the process of investigating the disease 7 cases (Sriracha 5 cases, Phanat 2 cases)

Now there is an epidemic in the entertainment venues. Bangkok and suburbs And spreading COVID-19 to close contacts Which people infected with COVID-19 Either the Chonburi people themselves or the people of Bangkok or other provinces have traveled to Chonburi Province. And spreading COVID-19

Therefore asking for cooperation for the people of Chonburi Strict personal hygiene. Stay away from each other. Always wash hands, masks must be worn, avoid going in crowded places. Avoid going to places where people don’t wear masks and stay together for a long time. ”

If you go to entertainment places Or any risky place according to the announcement of the Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office And have respiratory symptoms To get tested for COVID-19 Can be at hospitals near every home

For those who have traveled to entertainment venues in Bangkok according to the announcement of Chonburi Provincial Public Health Office Go earlier Has come to check for COVID-19. To a certain amount already If you haven’t come to check Urgently come to be tested for COVID 19

And entertainment venue staff in Chonburi Province Many of the COVID-19 tests have been carried out, but the remaining parts have not been tested. Encourage all entertainment facility staff to come to the test for COVID 19 as soon as possible.

We would like everyone to cooperate in disease control and prevention. In order to pass the crisis in this outbreak



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