Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Chronicle: Ron and Scarpa bring Abel Ferreira closer to the South American ‘Recopa’

Palmeiras, led by Portuguese coach Abel Ferreira, took a giant step on Wednesday to win the South American Super Cup for the first time, defeating Defensa y Justicia 2-1 in Buenos Aires.

In the first leg of the competition, the Brazilian team, holder of the Libertadores Cup, won with goals from Rony, in the 16th minute, and substitute Gustavo Scarpa, in the 75th, from direct free kick, gaining an advantage for the Brasilia clash, within a week .

For his part, Braian Romero scored the goal of the winners of the South American Cup, who also never snatched the ‘Recopa’, momentarily restoring equality, in the 58th minute.

The locals had more time on the ball, but they did not create more chances, in a game in which the four substitutions made by Abel Ferreira after the ‘canarinha’ formation suffered the 1-1 were decisive.

The home team came dominating, managed to take charge of the match and created the first great opportunity after four minutes, in a shot by Braian Romero, already in the area, for great defense by goalkeeper Weverton.

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More expectant, Palmeiras ended up scoring in their first dangerous attack, on 16 minutes: in a quick counterattack, Willian isolated Rony, who won in the duel with Fernando Meza and beat Ezequiel Unsain with a ‘hat’.

The goal gave the Brazilians more tranquility and affected the Argentines, who only came back to create danger in the 34th minute, in a free-kick by Marcelo Benítez that Weverton defended with difficulties.

Until the break, the best opportunity was for Palmeiras, following a loss of ball by Defensa y Justicia on the way out, with Willian receiving the ball in good position, but hitting his shot in an opposite defense.

The first opportunity of the second half belonged to the Brazilians, in a counterattack led by Breno Lopes – the ‘hero’ of the Libertadores Cup, in the final with Santos (1-0) -, who shot beside the right post.

In the 58th minute, however, the hosts managed to reach equality through Braian Romero, who, this time, did not give Weverton a chance, after being isolated by Walter Bou, in a play through the center of the field.

After equality, Abel Ferreira made four changes and, in the 75th minute, one of the bets, midfielder Gustavo Scarpa, again gave the advantage to ‘verdão’, in a direct free-kick that Unsain was unable to stop, as he had done in 65.

In the final part, the Argentines still tried, at least, to reach equality, especially by Braian Romero, but they did not succeed, so, to snatch the trophy, they will have to win next Wednesday, at Mané Garrincha, in Brasília .



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