Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Ciampolillo in the Senate makes a colleague with a tutor get up to speak into the microphone: censored

Censorship for the senator of the Mixed group, Lello Ciampolillo for having moved, in the Chamber, a colleague with a leg brace to take his place and speak into the microphone. This was expressed by the vice president of the Senate, Roberto Calderoli, who was presiding over the classroom during the examination of motions. “He could have taken another microphone. He raised an injured senator with a brace. He is neither polite nor correct ”, Calderoli pointed out to him at the beginning of the speech. Ciampolillo replied: “I asked her if I could and she said yes”, referring to the Northern League’s Elena Testor, who actually remained standing and next to her.

After the intervention, Calderoli reiterated his disappointment and said: “Despite the recall made, you have continued in your attitude. I express the censorship on the part of the presidency ”. When asked on the phone, Testor then explained: “I have a brace for a ligament injury and I chose that place because it is more external and allows me to stretch my leg. Ciampolillo asked me to move saying he wanted to speak from there. Surely he saw the guardian, unfortunately it shows. I believe he could have intervened from his place or elsewhere. I’m sorry but I appreciated the words of Calderoli and other colleagues who expressed solidarity with me, including the Undersecretary of Health Sileri “

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