Friday, April 16, 2021
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Cisco, “We will build the Internet of the future by redesigning the Internet infrastructure”

Cisco Systems ( has announced a strategy to provide a more robust and accessible Internet to all users by connecting, securing, and automating networks for telecommunications and web-scale companies around the world without geographic restrictions.

“Cisco has been committed to providing top-notch Internet service while helping customers increase revenue, reduce costs, and mitigate risk through research and investment in their innovation portfolio over the past five years,” said Jonathan Davidson, Vice President of Cisco’s Large Infrastructure Business Unit. “We want to create a more connected world of people, places and things by helping our customers make the right decisions about the networks they are using.”

Cisco designed Converged SDN Transport to allow carriers to consolidate multiple networks into a common, cost-effective and secure infrastructure.

Currently, Cisco is helping to further simplify the Internet deployment process with Routed Optical Networking solutions for the innovative transformation of IP+ optical networks. Acacia’s Pluggable coherent optics, advances in segment routing and Ethernet VPN technology, and the new Cisco Crosswork Cloud capabilities enable network operators to efficiently support the levels of traffic expected in 5G. And it is possible to build a network that is easy to operate.

Cisco works with telecommunications and web-scale companies including Airtel, Altibox, Eolo, Facebook, Google Cloud, Rakuten Mobile, SFR, Teleno, Telia Carrier, Telstra, WebSprix, etc. for the Internet of the future. It is laying the groundwork and supporting improved efficiency, agility, and cost reduction.

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Through its networking silicon architecture Silicon One platform, which was unveiled in 2019, Cisco has provided customers with a programmable, unified silicon architecture, supporting the speed, capacity, and improved operational efficiency required in the 5G era. In just 15 months of launching Silicon One, Cisco extends its existing Silicon One platform with a focus on routing to Webscale switching and offers 10 networking chips (devices) ranging from 3.2Tbps to 25.6Tbps.

Cisco is introducing a new Cisco Cloud Native Broadband Network Gateway for fixed-line carriers. The new solution unveiled is offered through the existing line of Cisco cloud-native broadband routers for cable and mobile. This enables telecommunications companies to more easily and efficiently manage service subscribers and provide services with excellent access compatibility regardless of the customer’s service area.

The Cisco 8000 family of routers features a Cisco Silicon One Q200 series chip that delivers up to 14.4 Tbps of total capacity, supporting 32 and 64 x 100G web-scale switches.

New powerful line cards and chassis for Cisco Aggregated Service Router (ASR) 9000 series and Network Convergence System (NCS) 500 and 5500 series routers.

The new Cisco Crosswork Network Controller (CNC) feature enables customers to operate Cisco routed optical networking solutions. [email protected]



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