Saturday, April 10, 2021
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Home World Cook prepared meal in mop bucket at Alcoentre prison

Cook prepared meal in mop bucket at Alcoentre prison

A cook at the Alcoentre Prison (EP) cafeteria used a mop bucket to prepare the condiments for a meal.

It was the prisoners who saw the cook making the meal in the bucket that was usually used for cleaning the floor. When questioned, the cook said that she had “disinfected the bucket with bleach”, indicates APAR – Portuguese Association of Support to Prisoners, in a statement, this Thursday.

The prisoners refused to eat that meal and asked to replace it, a request that was refused. However, at least 100 inmates did not eat the meal and promised to repeat the protest at the next meal.

According to APAR, the inmates of the Alcoentre EP decided to send a petition to the Director-General for Reintegration and Prison Services to denounce the “absolutely shameful situation”.

Also according to the association, when the director became aware of what happened, the head of national chains gave orders to the company that is in charge of meals to dismiss that cook.

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“In view of this attitude, APAR, together with the prisoners in their just struggle and revolt, now asks, when their reason has been recognized, and given the firm and quick attitude of the Guardianship, to end the protest, thus avoiding any conflict “, writes the association in the statement.



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