Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home Breaking News Crowded prisons: Reopening of prisons requires more officers

Crowded prisons: Reopening of prisons requires more officers

A number of Danish criminals are currently queuing up to come in and serve their sentences for their crimes. An occupancy rate of over 100 percent in the Danish prisons has created a queue for the Danish prisons, which now causes the Danish Prison and Probation Service to reopen an otherwise closed prison. Møgelkær Prison south of Horsens will accommodate 66 of those waiting for their turn behind bars. The prison was otherwise closed in 2018 because there were too many empty places in the Danish prisons, but that has changed since then.

Even though the prison service with the reopening of Møgelkær Prison solves a problem, it creates a new one, says the Prison Association’s union chairman Bo Yde Sørensen, who looks after the interests of Danish prison officers. According to him, there are more than 600 prison officers missing in the Danish prisons, so even though he welcomes the reopening of Møgelkær, he points out that it is optimistic to believe that there is staff to cover another prison.

“Without disregarding the Ministry of Justice’s assessment, I would say that I am probably still a little closer to reality than they are. And the reality is that we do not have officers in stock that we can hire. So I am still a little skeptical, “says Bo Yde Sørensen.

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