Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Home Business "Daikin" launches new air conditioner innovation "Setas" to welcome summer with "streamer"...

“Daikin” launches new air conditioner innovation “Setas” to welcome summer with “streamer” technology.

“Daikin” introduces new air conditioning innovation “Setas” to welcome summer with “streamer” technology for fresh air. Inhibit viruses, bacteria, fungi and odors.

Mr. Sarawut Temphatrasak Assistant General Manager, Strategic Planning, Siam Daikin Sales Co., Ltd., the world leader in air conditioning system innovation, revealed that the company has launched Daikin air conditioners. The latest generation ZETAS (ZETAS) that has adopted streamer technology. Exclusive Daikin technology is installed inside the air conditioner. Which is a technology to help stop germs, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, allergens And other dangerous gases in the air, released in March 2021.

This is the first time for Daikin. With air conditioners with streamer technology High-speed electron charge technology It has been tested to help inhibit 99.9% of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 and hepatitis virus from MHV-A59 mice by the University of Tokyo and Okayama University of Science. Japan, with test results released on July 16, 2020.

Special features of Daikin air conditioners The newest model, Setas, is a Daikin exclusive innovation, consisting of 3C: Clean air, technology for clean air, Comfort room, dehumidification for comfort and Convenient Control, remote control via smartphone anywhere and everywhere. time

For Clean air innovation comes with Air Purifying Mode, a built-in air purification system with high-speed electron-electric charge streamer technology. That help dissolve germs and harmful substances up to the core Through testing the effectiveness in inhibiting mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens And more than 60 types of harmful gases from leading institutions both inside and outside Japan from 2014 to present Odors inside the machine and helps make the air coming out of the machine clean.

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In addition, the Mold Proof Function has been upgraded, the system prevents odor and mold to be better. With automatic cleaning system by condensation to create a water to clean the coil face. And blow the air to dehumidify with electron charged air from the streamer Thus helping to stop germs that may be trapped in the equipment in the air conditioner Including the latest filters that not only filter PM2.5 fine dust, but also help inhibit viruses, bacteria, odors. Allergens Effectively With Enzyme Blue technology, it has been tested to inhibit 99% of pathogens.

The next innovation, Comfort Room, that is not just cool. But must be comfortable With Hybrid Cooling technology that automatically controls humidity to the level of 50-60% RH that has been studied. It is the humidity level that is most suitable for Thai people. Make yourself comfortable and not uncomfortable. And the last innovation: Convenient Control is controlled by a Wifi Adapter that is installed inside the device. Users can install the Daikin Mobile Controller application on their smartphones for easy access to the air conditioner. No matter where you are

Mr. Sarawut said that the new air conditioners, “Setas”, are also special. Also saves energy With a swing compressor Reduce energy loss Reduce cooling leakage Save even more energy costs, and with Super PCB PRO, the ultra-durable inverter circuit board makes the air conditioner durable from power surges and surges, while the air conditioner can still work even in low voltage conditions as low as 130 volts and can also Withstands power surges up to 440 volts without damage to the air conditioner. With dust-proof coating Moisture and insects Long warranty on the circuit board for up to 3 full years.

At the same time, there is also an Intelligent Eye, a smart eye system for the FTKZ09 / 12VV2S models. Comfort sensors Can choose to send the wind to hit the body Or send the wind not hitting the user And all sizes BTU has human motion sensors for energy saving. It automatically adjusts the temperature by 2 degrees when no one is in the room. And adjust the temperature back when motion is detected

In addition, the “ZETAS” outdoor unit design also responds to the environment. Protect against small animals like lizards. That is often the reason that the inverter circuit board is damaged. Especially in other provinces The new outdoor unit has been developed to allow all openings to reach the circuit board smaller than 4 mm or a protective sticker in channels wider than 4 mm to reduce the chance of damage. Extend the service life of the air conditioner.

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