Tuesday, April 13, 2021
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Home World Daugavpils schoolchildren successfully started at the conference of scientific research works

Daugavpils schoolchildren successfully started at the conference of scientific research works

On March 31, the 45th Latvian State Conference of School Research Projects was held online. Out of more than 500 participants, 254 Latvian schoolchildren were awarded, including several students from Daugavpils secondary schools.

This year the state conference of school research projects was held for the 45th time. 471 research papers of schoolchildren from different schools in Latvia were nominated to participate in the conference. At the end of the conference, 216 works were awarded, which were presented by 254 schoolchildren. For this conference, from educational institutions of the city of Daugavpils, 55 research papers were nominated, of which 3 papers received a 1st degree diploma, 7 papers – a 2nd degree diploma, and 12 papers received a 3rd degree diploma.

The top three places with the most awards this year went to four schools. The first place in terms of the number of awards this year was shared by the Agenskalns State Gymnasium and the Riga 2nd State Gymnasium with 18 works from each. The second place is taken by the Riga State German Gymnasium with 14 works, and the third – by the Daugavpils State Gymnasium with 11 awarded works. Pupils of Daugavpils 3rd Secondary School, Daugavpils 10th Secondary School, Daugavpils 12th Secondary School, Daugavpils 13th Secondary School and Daugavpils Technological Secondary School-Lyceum also won prizes.

This year, the commission for the selection of international laureates named 6 works the most suitable for participation in international events for young scientists, including the work of the students of the Daugavpils 13th secondary school Anastasia Pashkevich and Erika Plopa “Geobacter bacteria as a promising source of green electricity”.

Students’ research projects were assessed in six categories: natural sciences, humanities and arts, social sciences, medicine and health sciences, engineering science and technology, agriculture, forestry and veterinary medicine. The most popular industry this year was the social sciences industry. In this industry, 145 papers were presented at the conference.

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Schoolchildren also received special prizes for high-quality research work from the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Culture and the Latvian Academy of Culture, the University of Latvia, RTU, Latvian Agricultural University, Liepaja University, Daugavpils University, Riga University them. Stradins, the Latvian Academy of Arts, the Latvian Transatlantic Organization and the State Center for Educational Content.



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