Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Home World Deliveroo delivery workers strike in UK to demand rights - World

Deliveroo delivery workers strike in UK to demand rights – World

Delivery workers at Deliveroo Holdings PLC are expected to go on strike in the UK today to demand basic rights, said the Independent Workers’ Guild of Great Britain (IWGB).

The IWGB said that these company workers demand fair wages, protective measures and basic workers’ rights.

Protests are planned, following the social distance by covid-19, in London and in the English cities of York, Reading, Sheffield and Wolverhampton, and support strikes are also expected in Australia, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and Spain, the union added.

Efe Dow Jones says that so far it has not been possible to contact Deliveroo for comment.

“Deliveroo puts a false choice between flexibility and basic rights, but the Uber ruling showed that both workers here and foreigners can have both,” said IWGB President Alex Marshall.

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In February, the UK Supreme Court ruled that Uber Technologies Inc (UBER) drivers are not independent and are entitled to benefits such as paid holidays and minimum wages.

On Tuesday, Spanish self-employed delivery drivers sent a letter to the European Commission (EC) to protest the so-called “Law Rider”, agreed between the Government, employers and unions in Spain and which forces the platforms to hire them as employees.

In the letter, released on Tuesday, the Spanish Professional Self-Employers Association (APRA) warns that the new legislation – still pending formal approval – could cause some of the deliverers to lose their jobs, and recalls that among them there are people belonging to “very vulnerable segments of the population”.

The entity described in a statement as “disastrous” the law in considering that digital delivery platforms – such as Deliveroo, Glovo, Stuart or Ubereats – will reduce the number of delivery drivers by having to hire them as staff instead of being able to use as ‘freelancers’, as they have done so far.

The association justifies sending the letter as a way to participate in the consultation opened by Brussels on the future European legislation on labor in this type of companies.

In addition, APRA spokesmen regretted not having participated in the negotiations undertaken by the Ministry of Labor to reach a consensus on the regulations, since in their opinion traditional unions are not “representative” among workers in the sector.



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