Friday, April 23, 2021
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Dialogues about literature and war inspired by novels translated in the ANANSI collection

publishing house Pandora M initiates a new series of events starting from novels translated in the collection ANANSI. World Fiction, the latest translation project from universal literature on the Romanian book market. “ANANSI Dialogues” aims to bring together two personalities of the local cultural world who will talk about a topic of interest to readers, closely related to one of the books published in translation in the collection. Live dialogues, which try to explore how the great contemporary novels may or may not become keys to help us decipher socio-political tensions.

The theme of the first two events in this series, held under the motto “Letters from the front”, is represented by war – an attempt to analyze how dramatic events such as armed conflicts in contemporary and recent history can become the scene of literary stories of a special fragility and beauty, but also bearers of strong messages.

“Letters from Front 1”, the first event in this series, planned for the date 8th of April, starting with now 18.00, online, on Facebook pages #Anansi and # You read, has as a starting point the novel The girl who couldn’t stop walking of the Syrian writer Samar Yazbek (translation of Laura Sitaru). About how the recent events of the Syrian war may give rise to a fictional project described in L’Express as “a novel touched by grace” will speak two appreciated intellectuals, known equally for their sustained civic concerns: the writer and the literary critic Luminița Corneanu, along with the poet, prose writer and essayist Radu Vancu.

When the French edition of his book was published Samar Yazbek, critics from Weekly Books they noted the power of this novel is to “make words dance on the white sheet of paper,” and in Sweden, critics on national radio, Sveriges Radio, called Samar Yazbek’s book “a radical and visionary novel.”

The second event in this series, “Letters from the Front 2”, planned for April 15, from now 18.00, on Facebook pages #Anansi and # LaDouăBufnițe, brings writers face to face Vasile Ernu and Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, the protagonists of dialogues about literature that have charmed hundreds of readers in the past. The pretext of the meeting is the Romanian edition of one of the most powerful novels signed by Martin Amis. Is about Area of ​​interest (translation of Mihaela Ghiță), a mind-boggling, sharp book, like a mirror that seems to achieve the impossible: to stage a true love story set in a Nazi camp, a love triangle that lives its little dramas against the background of a “banality of evil ”shocking.

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Immediately after its publication, Martin Amis’s novel provoked reactions from both writers and critics of the most important English-language publications: “an astonishing tour of verbal virtuosity” (Richard Ford), “Elegant and subtle, a sophisticated effort to understand the everyday culture of genocide” (Los Angeles Times).

The series of events gathered under the motto “ANANSI Dialogues” will continue with two events that aim to put under scrutiny two extremely different contemporary societies and socio-political issues that can reach us in a fictional key: America in his novel Ben Lerner, Topeka School, and India from the book Deepei Anappara, The jinn patrol.

In 2021, in the collection ANANSI. World Fiction about 40 books will appear, the list including most of the titles awarded with the most important literary prizes of last year. The poet’s work Louise lucky, the winner of the Literary Nobel, will be translated and published starting this year, along with the novel The Discomfort of Evening signed by the Dutch writer Marieke Lucas Rijneveld, awarded the International Booker Prize, as well as the novel Shuggie Bath from Douglas Stuart, awarded The Booker Prize 2020.

ANANSI. World Fiction is the latest collection dedicated to translations of universal literature on the Romanian book market. The new editorial project, coordinated by the writer and publisher Bogdan-Alexandru Stănescu, was released at the end of September 2020. Set under the sign of Anansi, the African god of stories, the collection ANANSI. World Fiction includes five series: Anansi. Contemporary – dedicated to current literature, Anansi. Clasic – a space of twentieth-century classics, Anansi. Mentor – which brings together literary essays, Anansi. Ego – the series dedicated to memorialism and Anansi. Blues – poetry series.



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